Last Saturday Cycling

Club Cycle (9:00): Well done to all who turned out and completed the 40 mile club cycle this morning. We managed to average 17mph in perfect cycling conditions. It was great to see some new club members joining us, and hope to see a few more new and old club members turning up for next Saturdays cycle.

During the week we will be putting up on both the website and facebook a planned cycle route for the next four weeks. All routes will average up to 45 miles, with the option of turning back at a few different locations on route. Remember to bring a drink and something to eat on each cycle.


Racing Club Cycle (8:00): Another great turn out for this. Just to repeat a few points on the spin:

  • This cycle is aimed at people who are genuinely looking to do bike races next year. It is not a touring group.
  • The 9:00 cycle is the most suitable cycle for the majority of the club.
  • Everyone can try out for the team but if you get dropped then there is no waiting up for you. It’s nothing personal.
  • If you get dropped and still want to train with us and race next year, then you need to go away and train more during the week. You need to raise your performance. It will get easier as you build your fitness and strength.
  • The top cyclists in that group are not going easy but they are not racing it either. If you feel like you are racing it from start to finish then this session is not suitable for you at this time of year.

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