Lake Temp 11 Degrees

Things are starting to heat up a little out in the lake. A combination of the sun and Seán Gleeson’s body temperature have taken the temp up from 8 degrees to 11.7 degrees over the last few weeks. The club would like to thank Seán for his work warming up the lake.

So why are you telling us this?

Well….this all means that we will be back swimming in the lake very soon. In fact, we have picked a date for our first official club swim in the lake (there are plenty of shhhhnakes already back in the lake – don’t tell anyone…it’s a secret!).

When: Sunday, May 12th

What time: 6:00pm

Where: Youghal Quay

What will we be doing: After everyone has finished screaming and crying after entering the water, we will venture out in the direction of the buoys. Depending on the temp we will try and get in upwards of 1500m swimming. For people trying this for the first time you will only be swimming very close to shore. Afterwards, we will try and thaw out with tea, coffee and group hugging (Keith’s idea).

What do I need:

  • triathlon specific wetsuit – surfing wetsuits wouldn’t really be suitable, especially if you are a weaker swimmer. If you haven’t got one already then it is important to get the fit right, so either borrow someone else’s in the club to try on and then purchase online or take a trip into a triathlon shop like Planet Tri in Killaloe to try on and buy. Top wetsuit brands include – Orca, Blue Seventy, 2xu, Sailfish. You should be looking at spending upwards of €200 for a decent wetsuit. You can buy wetsuits online at >> (wetsuits)
  • bright coloured swim hat
  • goggles – you need to be able to see where you are going so have some anti-fog or invest in a new pair of goggles.
  • as it’s very cold still you might want to consider buying a pair of swim socks and a skull cap
  • plentiful supply of warm waste fluid from the body to disperse throughout the wetsuit upon entering the water

Dromineer Triathlon / Aquathon Series: Now that we can get back in the lake we will be starting our Dromineer race series. These races will take place on Wednesday evenings and will replace the evening pool swim. We will alternate between aquathons and triathlons over the next few weeks and months. Provisionally we are looking to kick things off with a race on Wednesday, May 22nd. More details will be supplied closer to the race day.

Words of advice: do not neglect your pool swims. This is where you are going to improve. If you stop your pool swimming and just head out to the lake each time then you will quickly find your swim fitness decreasing. Ideal scenario – minimum 3 swims per week – two in the pool and one in the lake.

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