Kilkee Entry

So how many of ye got in?

Last year we had close to 30 people taking part in the event either individually or in relays. This year we hope to do even better. If you missed out on registration today then don’t worry as there is another entry date coming up on March 27th at 8:00pm

Relay entries will reopen at 12:00 but should take a little while to sell out. If you are in doubt about doing it individually then enter as a relay team. There are always plenty of club members looking to get on a team. Enter now, find teammates later. If you did a relay last year then enter as an individual this year!!

Tip: registration normally opens earlier via the Active Europe website. For example, this morning the registration opened 10 mins early at 7:50am and Shane had 8 club members entered before 7:55pm. If you are badly stuck and can’t get to a computer at that time then you can ask Shane to enter for you.

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