Junior Summer League: Race 6 Results

There were 7 juniors at the latest round of our summer league. This was the 6th race of the series and with just one more race left things are still pretty tight at the top of the table. Even though there was a small turn out, the racing was top notch once again. The Group 2 riders put in a huge performance and stayed away for the entire cycle, setting a new Group 2 course record in the process. With just 3 Group 1 riders in attendance it was always going to be a tough one. The smaller the bunch the more work that needs to be done.


The 7 were split into 3 groups. First off were Calvin O’Brien, Luke Carroll, Michael Reddan and Christopher O’Brien. They had a 9 minute head start on the lads behind. Chasing them were Sean O’Neill and Conor Brennan and 1.50 behind them was Dillon Neary by himself. Dillon had his brand new carbon bike with him so we had to up his handicap!

The boys all got into formation quickly and began working hard. At the halfway turnaround point it was clear that the first group had a great chance of staying away. They were working well together and the gap was still at 6 minutes back to Seán and Conor. Dillon had reduced the distance to the two lads by 30 seconds but still had plenty of work to do.


The way back to Nenagh is a little tougher as you have a climb to go up at Kilmastulla. If you aren’t feeling good here you can lose a lot of time. Michael Reddan lost touch with the first group here. He still pushed on well but it can be hard to stay with some of the lads that have been racing regularly. Christopher, Calvin and Luke were a little too strong for Michael on the day but Michael will improve quickly and no doubt he will be dishing out the pain in the near future.

At Roundhill, the gap between the first two groups was down to 4:30. However, Dillon had flown up the hill and was almost on the two lads ahead of him. One mile later the three of them were together. Dillon tried to sprint right past them but Seán and Conor were ready and waiting and they jumped on his wheel in a flash. That left the 3 lads together with Dillon pushing the pace at the front.



Further up the road, Luke had been distanced but he was battling his way back to Calvin and Chrisopher. They were no getting close enough to the finish to start thinking about breaking away. First to go was Luke who put in a great effort to get away, but the lads were able to neutralise the threat. Luke stayed out front pushing the pace. This allowed the two lads get their breath back behind them as Luke broke the wind for them. While Luke tired from doing all the work the two boys rested and as they turned the final corner Calvin made a burst for the line. He got a good gap but Christopher was chasing hard. The gap kept closing and closing and just before the line Christopher got his wheel in front to take a great win from Calvin in 2nd place with Luke just a few seconds behind in 3rd. The final time for the 3 lads were very fast and it just goes to show you the big improvement they have made.



The fight for top place in Group 1 came down to a sprint finish too. Dillon had tried multiple times to get rid of the two boys on his wheel but was unable to do this. Coming around the final bend Dillon had nothing left after doing all the work. It was now down to a battle between Seán and Conor. Sean has been sprinting very well lately so it was no surprise when he romped home for his 2nd victory of the league. Conor was 2nd with Dillon in 3rd. Michael Reddan finished just 30 seconds after the 3 lads which goes to show what a great effort he put in.

Next up: training session on Saturday at 2:30 (weather dependent – if it’s really wet then it will be called off). The final race of the summer league will be on in two weeks time. Who is going to win the league????

Download: All race results to date


Race 6
Name Handicap Time Actual Time Points
Christopher O’Meara 01:01:43 01:01:43 5
Calvin O’Brien 01:01:43 01:01:43 4
Luke Carroll 01:01:47 01:01:47 3
Seán O’Neill 01:05:06 00:56:06 5
Conor Brennan 01:05:11 00:56:11 4
Dillon Neary 01:05:14 00:54:24 3
Michael Reddan 01:05:50 01:05:50 2

League Tables

Group 1 Points No. of Races
Conor Brennan 17 5
Seán O’Neill 16 5
Jack Boland 13 3
Dillon Neary 13 3
Conor Hough 11 5
James Maloney 4 2
Aaron Duggan 3 3
Tom O’Meara 3 2
Shane Flynn 2 1
Christian 2 1
Jake O’Kelly 1 1
James Ryan 1 1
Ronan Ducie 0 1
Tadhg Kelly 0 1


Group 2 Points No. of Races
Calvin O’Brien 15 4
Christopher O’Meara 12 3
Connor Adams 11 3
Luke Carroll 8 1
Liam Heffernan 3 1
Michael Reddan 2 1


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