Junior Cycle Report

There were 29 juniors at our 2nd junior training day in the CBS. Conditions were much worse than before Christmas with plenty of muck to battle through. You wouldn’t want to be scared of getting dirty. Luckily for us, the tough girls and boys that come to this training session wouldn’t let a thing like that stop them!

As usual we divided the cyclists into 3 groups with the U/12s taking on the obstacle and cyclo cross course. The U/14s took on the cyclo cross course and the track, while the older lads went out onto the road to learn the basics of cycling in a group work – it wasn’t all easy though as they were put through their paces with a series of sprints and short hill climbs to do.

Handling your bike in such slippy conditions can be tough, but it’s very useful for improving your bike skills. Well done to everyone for putting in a great effort today!!

Reminder: After a training session like that you need to make sure that ye all wash your bikes. Use a hose!

Next training day: Saturday Feb 1st, 2:30pm.

We also plan to put some training days on Sunday as we are aware that the Saturday time isn’t suitable for a some of ye. We will let ye know when these sessions will take place well in advance.


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