Join Us

Club membership costs for the 2019/2020 season

Senior – €30, Junior – free, Married Couple – €50

You will need insurance to train with the club

Triathlon Ireland Insurance: you need to take out insurance to cover you for training and races.  You can sample training with the club for a few session and if you like it then you can pay the insurance fee. All membership forms and Insurance can be found on the TI website.

  • Full: €70 – covers you for both training and racing
  • Full / Swim Ireland: €80 – covers you for training and racing for both triathlon (TI) and Masters swimming
  • Student: €40 – covers you for both training and racing
  • Associate: €22 – covers you for training only.
  • Junior: €22

If you are not a TI member you are not covered for 3rd Party insurance while training with the Nenagh Tri Club.

There are many benefits to joining the club:

  • Free coached training: All swim, bike and run training sessions are coached for free. There is a lot to learn in this sport so when you get the chance to learn for free then take it.
  • Club races: The club host 15+ races during the year. Each of these are free. In fact, we provide tea, coffee and refreshments after each race just to tempt you to give it a go!
  • Discounted Gear: Club gear is supplied with a large discount. The saving on this alone will pay back your club membership fees.
  • Training weekends / Weekends away: The club subsidises trips away during the year.

We might be a triathlon club but that doesn’t mean that you have to take part in triathlons. We have a wide mix of adventure racers, duathletes and single sport competitors e.g. runners only, cycling only. If you can’t swim but you would still like to join the club then that is fine. Perhaps you can’t run due to a dodgy knee….then focusing on the non impact sports of cycling and swimming might suit best.

We welcome all fitness enthusiasts – it doesn’t matter if you want to focus on 1 sport or 3!