Improving Your Swimming

Swimming, more than any of the other triathlon sports, is a long term commitment. You are not going to become a good swimmer in a week, month or probably even a year. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get right because it is such a technical and frustrating sport. Below we give some advice on the best way for our new members to improve:

How many times a week should I be swimming?

1 swim is just not enough, 2 is ok but 3 is just right.

Should I attend club swims?

Yes. The Wednesday stroke work session (this evening at 8:00pm) is essential. You need to back this up with one session by yourself where you take what you learn at the Wednesday session and practice it. This is the only way you will improve. You then need to back this up with a conditioning training session where you focus on applying what you have learned while swimming length after length in interval fashion. For this conditioning session you should go to one of the club’s morning sessions – I know it’s early, but are you seriously committed to improving or not?!!

The people who improve the most in the club are the ones that always turn up to training and don’t go missing for months at a time. Commit to the 3 training sessions each week and you will see big improvements heading into the Spring. As we approach the racing season you would need to switch your 3 training sessions to – technique x 1 / conditioning x 2.

Lane swimming can be daunting

I know some of ye are worried about lane swimming and feel like everyone else is better than you and that maybe you are getting in the way in the lane. This is not the case at all. Do what you can and no more. When tired just stand up at the shallow end and let everyone pass – then take a breather for yourself. You don’t need to do every length. Remember everyone of our members started off in lower lanes and worked their way up. After a few months it will be you encouraging new people into your lane and soon you will be moving up a lane yourself.

Educating yourself

Swimming is such a technical sport that you need to educate yourself on what a good stroke looks like. You should be able to look at someone else in the water and spotĀ  everything that is wrong with their stroke. You will learn plenty from attending our Wednesday evening swims but also visit this website >> Swim Smooth. They have all the theory you need and it is well written with plenty of pictures!

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