Improving Your Cycling

To really improve at cycling you need to be targeting at least 2 – 3 cycles per week. At this time of the year the focus needs to be on base building. You need to be cycling as many miles as possible at an easy pace. The more time in the saddle the better. Anything from 100 miles to 300 miles per week would be good depending on your circumstances. There are many options in place at the moment for those looking to go out cycling.

The triathlon club put on 3 sessions – Tuesday and Thursday evening turbo training at 7:30pm in the running complex (cost = free to club members) and a long group cycle on Saturday mornings at 9:00am from the pool. The group cycle usually lasts 40 miles or so with an average pace of 17 mph. For most of our club members this speed and length should be perfect.

Now is the perfect time to join up with us for cycling as the sessions are slower at this time of year. Don’t leave it till next year to join! Contact Majella Moyles for more details (087) 6618801


For those of you looking to do a little bit more or go a bit faster or possibly do some bike racing next year you need to consider joining a cycling club. There are two good options available:


1. North Tipp Wheelers

The Wheelers cater for leisure cyclists and racing cyclists. They have introduced free membership to newcomers to the club for next year. They train with the triathlon club on Tuesdays and Thursdays at turbo. They also head out at 9:30am on Sunday mornings from Moynan’s shop. In addition, they have a beginner group that go out at 9:30 on Sundays. The Wheelers put on a series of local club races each year and they are putting a strong focus on categorised¬†(A1, A2, A3, A4) road racing too next year. You will need to consider purchasing a Cycling Ireland license if joining up with the Wheelers. We would advise most of our club to join up with the Wheelers. Brian O’Neill or Pat Bergin would be the people to talk to about this.


2. Team DMG

Team DMG are a racing team only. Only consider this option if you fully intend on bike racing regularly next year. Purchasing a Cycling Ireland racing license will be mandatory. Membership is free. This option is not suitable for the vast majority of the triathlon club. Training sessions are tough and a high level of commitment is required. The development squad train with the tri club at turbo on Tuesday and Thursdays. Their main session is on a Saturday at 8:00am from the pool – typical distance is 60 – 70 mile at 20mph. There is no waiting for people that get dropped. We would expect people to cycle 180 miles per week at a minimum so a high level of motivation and enthusiasm is needed. Shane Scully or Eamon Hartnett would be the people to talk to about this.


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