Improve your Swimming

Swimming is often viewed as people’s weakest link when it comes to triathlon. Yes, it can be hard work learning how to swim well but if you just keep at it and keep working on the right things then you will improve a lot. The club provides a number of different options to help you get your swim in good working order…..

(1) Swim with the Triathlon Club – the club host two early morning swim sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30am. These sessions are free but you obviously need to pay €5 to get into the pool. These sessions will be starting back again next week.


(2) Swim with the Nenagh Masters – the triathlon club work closely with the newly formed Masters Swim Club. Members of the tri club can join in with the Masters on a pay as you go rate or preferably on a termly basis. Commit to a full term with the Masters club and you will see benefits in your stroke and speed. The benefit of joining the Masters is that there are two poolside coaches who will be able to give you advice on how to improve.

  • Pay by term – cost is €120 – this works out as €5 per session (which is the entry cost you would be paying for the pool anyway).
  • Pay as You Go – cost €7 = €5 pool entry plus €2 extra for the coaches.

There are two training sessions per week – Wednesday at 9:00pm and Friday at 6:30am. If you are committed to improving your swim for the 2017 season then make it to as many of the tri sessions and masters sessions as you can.

Nenagh Masters Swimming – term 2 is starting tomorrow Wed, Jan 4th. Call down to the pool at 8:30 on Wednesday if you are interested in joining. You can ask about the club and then join in the first session at 9:00pm if you want to join.

More details about the Masters club can be found on their Facebook page


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