Hill time trial league 1 – Results

Hill TT 1 – Results

Hill TT league

A trial of a different sort with the first running of the newly introduced “hill” time trial. A good mix of experienced and junior cyclists made the trip out to Dolla for the start at 7pm. With 30 second intervals between riders it meant that there was plenty of competitors to sight and catch along the 7k route up to the School.

A number of good times were set but it was Con Kennedy who blitzed the course in a blistering time that would be as fast as some people come down the climb!!!

Name Distance Time
Con Kennedy 7k 14:40
Eoin Woolley 7k 16:15
Benny Delaney 7k 16:32
Charlie Hogan 7k 16:45
Andrew McLoughlin 7k 17:28
Will Rymer 7k 17:30
Ronan O Driscoll 7k 17:50
Brian McLoughlin 7k 18:09
Pat Reddan 7k 18:35
Ned Gleeson 7k 18:35
Gillian Mounsey 7k 18:37
Edward O Meara 7k 18:39
Bill Maher 7k 19:25
Cliodhna McGrath 7k 19:30
John Meagher 7k 19:50
Odie O’Driscoll 7k 22:04
Mary Donnellan 7k 30:40


Thanks to all the lads who attended for the first in this “hill” time trial series. After an emergency EGM at the summit it was decided that for continuity (and more likely fear of the other climbs around Nenagh!!!) that for the next 2 weeks we will return to Dolla to repeat this climb.


So…..if you think you are man enough to take the current course record well get out for next Tuesday at 7pm!!!!!


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