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There will be plenty of people looking at this website for the 1st time today, all wanting to find out whether triathlon is the sport for you. To make it easy for you, we will answer that now…..YES!

What the club are up to at the moment

Currently, most of us are winding down after another successful season. Many of us will be resting up for the month of September. Some of us are preparing for some cross country running. Some are preparing for the marathon. Some are starting back triathlon training early for the 2014 season. We have an End of Year Swim and End of Year Cycle to do and that will be it for most.


Q. I am looking to join, what should I do next?

If you are looking to join our club for next season then you need to know the following:

Key Date: October 7th – this is the date we will start back official training. More details will be on the website closer to the date.

Q. Will training be too hard for me? In a word – NO. Training is as hard or as easy as you make it yourself. You just focus on what you are capable of doing yourself and ignore everyone else. The intensity level of training at this time of the year will be low. It is far better to start in October than waiting till next year. Plenty of people will be starting with the same fitness level as you at this time of year. If you leave it till March 2014 to join then you might struggle a little. A Nike ‘Just Do It!’ attitude is all that is needed.

Q. Should I just rest up so until October 7th? No, not at all. You should use the time between now and October 7th to work on your own base fitness. Try and get out for some easy cycling, running and swimming each week. You don’t need to train hard at this time of year. But it will be easier for you (physically and mentally) if you increase your own fitness a little before we start back in October.

Q. Is this sport suitable for women? Yes of course it is. Huge numbers of women take part in triathlons every week around Ireland. It is one of the largest participation sports for women in the country. Our own club committee is dominated by female members and there are over 30 female members in the club.

Q. Does your club accept juvenile triathletes? Yes we do indeed. We have junior members ranging from 14 – 19 years old in the club. There is a popular junior triathlon race circuit in Ireland. We are keen to expand the number of junior triathletes in the club.

Q. Why should I join? There are many reasons why you should join

  • Get fit
  • Lose weight
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Experience the feel good factor that comes with training
  • To set yourself a new challenge
  • Life changing experience – completing a tough challenge like a triathlon or an Ironman is a memory you will carry around for the rest of your life.
  • Social outlet – you will get to meet many like-minded people.
  • Visit new countries – our members race all around the world. 9 members are heading to Sweden next year to compete in Ironman Sweden.
  • Competitive Outlet – maybe you are just after giving up team sports and still need to scratch that competitive urge. Triathlon is a great cross over sport.

Q. How much will all this cost me? Cost is a big consideration when it comes to this sport. You are combining 3 sports together so the accumulated costs can be a little dearer but this shouldn’t put you off.

Expenses:we try to keep the costs to a minimum for our members, but there are some costs that can’t be avoided. We are not here to make money from people. When we can provide something for free it will be provided for free.

  • Club membership
    • Adult: €30
    • Juvenile: €10
    • Married Couple: €50
    • Family: €60
  • Triathlon Ireland Insurance: you need to take out insurance to cover you for training and races. This does not need to be taken out straight away. You can trial out training with the club and if you like it then you can pay the insurance fee.
    • Full: €53 – covers you for both training and racing
    • Student: €18 – covers you for both training and racing
    • Associate: €18 – covers you for training only.
    • Junior: €1
  • Training: Most of our training sessions are coached and there is no cost involved. However…..
    • Circuit training: €5 – takes place for a few months every year in the running complex.
    • Swimming: €5.20 entry fee to the pool. Although if you take out monthly or annual membership the cost reduces greatly.

Benefits: there are many great benefits to joining this club.

  • Free coached training: All swim, bike and run training sessions are coached for free. There is a lot to learn in this sport so when you get the chance to learn for free then take it.
  • Club races: The club host 15+ races during the year. Each of these are free. In fact, we provide tea, coffee and refreshments after each race just to tempt you to give it a go!
  • Discounted Gear: Club gear is supplied with a large discount. The saving on this alone will pay back your club membership fees.
  • Training weekends / Weekends away: The club subsidises trips away during the year.


Q. So what gear will I need? As there are 3 sports rolled into one you will need quite a bit of gear starting out. You don’t need to buy the most expensive gear when starting out. Club members are always selling second-hand gear so there are plenty of bargains to be found.

  • Swimming
    • Necessary: swimming togs, hat and goggles. Wetsuit needed during the summer.
    • Beneficial: Fins for your legs, paddles for your hands.
  • Cycling
    • Necessary: racing bike, helmet, cycling shorts + jersey, water bottle, spare tube / levers / small pump.
    • Beneficial: cycling shoes, winter cycling gear, turbo (for indoor training), tri bars
  • Running
    • Necessary: runners, shorts.
    • Beneficial: winter gear.

If you have anymore questions that need answering, then call Majella Moyles at (087)6618801 or visit our >> Facebook page.


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