Get Up to Speed Cycles

6 weeks of ‘Get Up to Speed’ cycles are about to begin. Nenagh CC are starting our new plan this coming Saturday in preparation for the start of winter training. As a club, our training sessions are pretty tough so this new plan is aimed at making it easier for newcomers and improvers to fit in with our main bunch once winter training kicks off for real in October.


If you fancy training with Nenagh CC for the 2016/2017 season then try to attend as many of these ‘Get Up to Speed’ sessions as possible. The aim of the programme is to

  • increase the distance and speed you are able to cycle
  • show you how to cycle in a bunch (group riding etiquette)
  • give general training advice on how to reach your cycling goals

When? Saturday, September 10th, 9:00am

Where? Abbey Court Hotel, main entrance

How long? as the weeks pass by the cycles will get a little longer. For the first week we expect to be back in Nenagh before 10:30.

Route? We will be sticking to the main Dublin Road. This is a safe, wide road and is best for learning how to cycle properly in a group. We will head towards Toomevara on Saturday. The total distance covered will depend on the quality of rider in the group.

Who is this suitable for? this is not a beginner cycle programme. Some cycling experience is needed. You don’t need to be Speedy Gonzalez just yet but you need to have a positive attitude and a motivation to improve. You will need to have a racing bike (hybrid/mountain bikes = too slow)

What gear do I need? a racing bike that is in decent condition, helmet, water bottle + drink

Cost? there is no charge.

What is the story with the main cycle in September? this will continue as normal and start from the same time at the hotel. The main bunch will cycle on ahead and do the pre-planned route. There will be no interval work in September. Just nice steady miles. People can choose to join the main cycle or the Get Up to Speed cycle before we pull out.

Keyword to keep in mind – perseverance!!

Everyone feels a little bit out of their depth when they start off cycling with us first. The first few weeks can be daunting but the key is to stick with it. We have a lot of fine cyclists in the club because they stuck with it. You might struggle big time for the first few weeks but as time passes you will feel more and more comfortable in the bunch. Take a long-term view of this. The progress you make in your first year will be huge as long as you persevere with it.

Also starting this Saturday…

Youth Training in the Nenagh CBS from 12:30 – 2:00. Ages 7 – 12.

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