Dromineer Triathlon: Race 3

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The club will hold its third Dromineer Triathlon this Wednesday evening.

Weather conditions is looking perfect with tempatures near the mid twenties, a slight westerly wind and not a drop of rain….So no weather related excuses for missing this.

This will be a handicapped race, so everyone should finish roughly at the same time. We aim to have the first people in the water and ready to start at 7:10. To work out when you will be starting, simply add your handicap time to the start time. Don’t worry if your name is not on the list, as we will add you in on the evening.

Race 3:  Handicap Times

The success of club events depends on the support we get from all members, so try your best to be at the race and to complete it. You can take it as easy as you want or go all out. If you decide to do it at a slower pace, we can adjust your start time to suit on the evening. There will be tea, coffee, water, biscuits, etc. afterwards. If any member would like to show off their baking skills, male & female alike please feel free to bring along muffins, scones.. whatever suits .. Hugh Flannery & Gill Mounsey have kindly volunteered to time the event. See you there.

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