Dromineer Triathlon: Race 2

dddThe weather forecast for tomorrow’s Dromineer Triathlon couldn’t be much better. With light winds, high temps and no rain there is no weather related excuses for missing this.

This will be a handicapped race, so everyone should finish roughly at the same time. We want the first people in the water and ready to start at 7:10. You can work out when you will be starting by adding your handicap time to the start time. Don’t worry if your name is not on the list as we will add you in on the night.

Race 2: Handicap Times

As usual the success of all club events depends on the support we get from our members. Try your best to be there and try to do the complete race. You can go as slow or as fast as you want. If you are just taking it slow then we can adjust your handicap time to suit. As usual there will be tea, coffee, biscuits, buns etc. afterwards although Keith Butler is timing the event so there might not be much left! See you there.


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