Dromineer Duathlon Results

Finally the sun came out and we were able to go through with our planned Saturday activity. Today, it was the first race of our Dromineer Duathlon Series. This was your chance to test how the winter training has gone. With 9 weeks of stormy weather gone by, we certainly weren’t expecting any record breaking attempts. The strong north westerly winds would also prove to be a tough obstacle to overcome in our first multi event race of the season. Things can only get better!


20 club members took part in todays’ event. This is a good turn-out for our first event but there were a huge number of regular’s missing, with not 1 female member turning up to race on the day!! For the club to thrive we need our members to support our events. So hopefully, people can try to support these events a bit more in the future. Triathlon can be a selfish sport at times but that is not what we want to see in this club. It’s not asking a lot for people to support the club every now and then. Anyhow, enough with the ranting and back to the important stuff……

As the temperatures were cold and people were getting a little bit sick of waiting around we decided to forget about the handicaps this week and everyone set-off at the same time. Gary Scully and Mike Browne went straight to the front on the run and pushed a nice pace on the hilly 5km course. The two lads came back into transition with a big lead on 3rd place Shane Scully. Gary had forgotten his cycling shoes so he took the rest of the race easy, leaving Mike and Shane to battle it out at the front. Eoin O’Donoghue was moving well and moved up to 3rd position on the bike. Shane passed Mike on the bike and took a decent lead into T2, but with Mikey running well, all was not lost. The final run was just 2km long but it takes you straight up and down the big hill so you know it’s going to hurt like hell.

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In the end, Shane held off Mike for 1st place in a time of 57 mins. Mike came in on 58mins with Eoin finishing in 1:02 mins. Well done to Eoin and Eoghan who were taking part in this event for the first time (it gets easier!). There were 4 club members on the course earlier in the day before the race ref arrived so you can believe their results if you like!! There was a valuable lesson learned today – hurry up or there won’t be any tea and biscuits left for you – and we can’t even blame Keith this time!

The final times can be seen below. We will use these final times to calculate the handicap times for the next race. This will make the whole thing fairer with everyone finishing around the same time. The next duathlon won’t be till March so you have plenty of time to improve your fitness between now and then. We will probably have one more Saturday event before moving it to the usual Wednesday evening at 7:00pm time slot. If you commit to doing the 4 races in the series we promise you will see a big improvement in your time by the end.

Details of the next race will be put on the website soon. Till then – try to make it to our Tuesday turbos, Friday evening runs and Saturday spins!! If you have been hiding under the covers since Christmas then now is the time to get out and get fit. We want to get some good results in this year’s National Series so now is time to put in the effort.


1. Shane Scully 57

2. Mike Browne 58

3. Eoin O’Donoghue 1:02

4. Andy McLoughlin 1:02

5. Eoin Woolley 1:06

6. Ronan O’Driscoll 1:07:28

7. Ross O’Meara 1:08:24

8. Barry Creamer 1:10:13

9. Noel Daly 1:11:50

10. Eoin Buckley 1:11 :15

11. Ken Hassett 1:13:23

12. Ronan Walshe 1:14:32

13. Ramon Rodriquez 1:16:27

14. Anthony Sherlock 1:16

15. Eoin O’Connor 1:18

16. Eddie O’Meara 1:19:40

17. John Ryan 1:31


Gary Scully 1:02 mins (1st roundabout on bike)

Kenneth Kennedy 30 mins cycle only

Kevin Sherlock 31 mins cycle only

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