Dromineer Duathlon Race 2

Well done to everyone for braving the cold morning to take part in the second of our four Duathlon Race Series. 23 club members turned up for the race, of the six women that started only two completed it. The morning was cold, which resulted in a number of cyclists needing a helping hand to get their helmets off due to cold fingers. A few club members got a helping hand from their better half. (The club did discuss as to whether penalty minutes be added on to certain club members overall time. It was decided to oversee it on this occasion!)

The winner of the handicapped race was Stephen Hegarty who finished in a time of 1:06:10. In 2nd place was Eoin O’Donoghue in a time of 1:10:55 and in 3rd place was Andy McLoughlin in a time of 1:15:45. The fastest flat time was recorded by Darren Dunne in a time of 58:50. In 2nd place was Andy McLoughlin in a time of 59:45 and in 3rd place was Ronan O’Driscol and Stephen Hegarty in a time of 1:04:10.

Thanks to everyone for participating and thanks again to Mary for timing it. Thanks also to Gill for providing the lovely baked goods! Click on the link below for the results. Place your mouse over the flat times for the splits.


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