Dromineer Duathlon: Race 2

The Dromineer Duathlon takes place this Saturday at 10:00am in Dromineer. Try and support this race if you can.

This race will be a handicapped race, with times based on your performance in the first Dromineer Duathlon. This should ensure that everyone finishes close to each other at the end. That way there should be enough tea, coffee and biscuits left for all at the finish!! Don’t worry if your name is not on the list, as we will slot you in somewhere. The first race was more of a warm-up race. With this 2nd race of the duathlon series you should be looking to take it a bit more serious and look to put in quicker splits.

If your name is early on the list then make sure to be ready to go at close to 10:00. If you are last on the list then you won’t be going until after 10:30. If you know that you are going to be there, and are not on the list, and want to know your handicap time now – then text Shane 0872605743 to find out.

Handicap Times:

  • John Ryan 0 mins
  • Eddie O’Meara 12 mins
  • Will Rymer 12 mins
  • Eoin O’Connor 13 mins
  • Anthony Sherlock 15 mins
  • Ramon Rodriguez 15 mins
  • Ronan Walshe 17 mins
  • Kenneth Hassett 18 mins
  • Eoin Buckley 20 mins
  • Noel Daly 20 mins
  • Barry Creamer 21 mins
  • Ross O’Meara 23 mins
  • Ronan O’Driscoll 24 mins
  • Sinnead Oakes 26 mins
  • Eoin Woolley 26 mins
  • Andy McLoughlin 28 mins
  • Eoin O’Donoghue 28 mins
  • Keith Butler 29 mins
  • Mike Browne 32 mins
  • Shane Scully 33 mins

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