Dromineer Duathlon (going ahead)

The weather is looking like it will be ok-ish on Saturday. Phew!! The weather is supposed to improve as the day goes on so we are going to hold the event at the slightly later time of 10:30. This should have everyone finished and home by 12:00.

Make sure to check here on Saturday morning for any possible cancellation notice.

When? Saturday, Feb 15th @ 10:30.

Who? This race is open to anyone that wants to do it.

  • Triathlon club members: this is the ideal way to get fit for the start of the tri season. You will get used to running off the bike in a non competitive setting.
  • Cyclists: We want our senior and junior cyclists to attempt the cycle part of this course. Time trialing is a great test and it will give you a good indication of where your fitness is at.
  • Runners: There is a tough 5km race to do here and we can probably partner you up with a cyclist to make a team. It would be great to have a few runners at this event.

Format: Handicapped race – this means that the faster more experienced racers will go last. Everyone else will get a large headstart. This should result in most of us finishing at the same time.

Distance: 5km run / 19km bike / 2km run

Cost: Free + the added bonus of tea / coffee / refreshments and plenty of shite talk afterwards.

Senior Cyclists: To ensure that we get the miles in, there will be an afternoon cycle on duathlon days. We would like for our senior cyclists to do the TT in the morning and then join us for a 2 hour cycle in the afternoon. This 2 hour cycle will be very easy and is just a recovery cycle before Sunday racing. Everyone is welcome to join us on this cycle (including older junior cyclists with racers). We pull out from the pool at 1:30pm.

Duathlon Route


The 5km run route is on out and back route. It is quite hilly so make sure to pace yourself. The 2km run in the duathlon goes to the 1km mark on the map and back.


The duathlon bike route is an out and back course. You head in towards town and take a left at the first roundabout heading towards the Borrisokane road roundabout. This is the turn around point and you head back towards Dromineer from here along the same road you came out. The bike route is flat but the road surface is poor in places. Rules of the road apply – so if you meet a car at a roundabout STOP!


Rack your bike in the car park. You will leave your helmet and cycling shoes beside your bike. Most people will run in their tri gear so there is no need for a change of clothes you just put on your helmet and shoes, jump on your bike and off you go.

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