Dromineer Aquathon: Race 3

For the 3rd Wednesday in a row our club members were tasked with completing this tough 700m  swim + 5km run aquathon course. Luckily this week the weather was excellent and that made the task at hand a little bit easier for the 24 club members that took part.

The lake was wave free but unfortunately someone had robbed our red bouy! This led to the selection of another buoy and a bit of confusion. In the end, 4 different buoys were rounded by various people and therefore the swim times for some are a little slower than normal.

So how did the race go?

It is hard to say really as so many people took different paths in the swim. If your time is slower than expected, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it is faster than expected then I wouldn’t get too excited about it either!

In the men’s race, Shane Scully was the fastest today finishing in a time off 28:00, Gary Scully was 2nd in a time of 28:25, and Mike Browne was 3rd in a time 31:00.

In the women’s race, 6 took part but only 2 of those were brave enough to do the whole thing!! Anita Egan was first home in a time of 46:37. In 2nd place was Sheila Gregan in a time of 50:20.

Results: Dromineer Aquathon Race 3

Next Race: We are not sure when exactly but the next race will be soon and it will be the first race of the Dromineer Triathlon Series.


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