Do you want to run for our club?

darrenWith the end of the triathlon season comes the start of the cross country running season. Many triathletes like to switch focus in the off season or winter months to cross country training. This style of training can really toughen you up and help move your running to the next level. The Brownlee brothers used to compete regularly on the cross country circuit in the UK – if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for you!

Competing in running races during the winter can really help keep your motivation high. It gives you something to focus on. As we move into the New Year the focus will switch to road running races. Look at Darren Dunne’s triathlon run splits to seeĀ  what the benefits of a running race focused off season can do for you.

Don’t fear it….just do it!

Do you want to run for our club?

If you want to run at a competitive level for our club then turn up to our Monday evening run sessions at 6:15pm in the CBS. Indicate to Shane that you want to race for the club and he will take care of the rest. Anybody can turn up to race for the club. All we ask for is commitment and a good attitude. There are over 10 weeks to the 1st race so that gives us a lot of time to get ready.

When do the races start?

The first cross country race of the year usually starts in early October. This will be the County Novice race = 6km for men – 3km for women. Races continue throughout the winter and into the New Year.


Monday evenings at 6:15pm in the CBS – will be the main training session. We ask everyone that is looking to race to try and make it on that day each week. Coming closer to October we will be putting on more official club sessions.

You should be looking to do a minimum of 4 run sessions each week, with a focus on getting plenty of miles in. Keep building the miles for the next 4 – 6 weeks. It is hard to say exactly how many miles each individual should be getting in as everyone is running at a different level – as a rough guide anything between 30 – 50 miles would be good. We will then focus on getting a bit of speed in the legs as we move closer to the racing season.

Pool Closing

As most of ye know, the swimming pool is closing for 3 months over the winter. This gives you the ideal excuse to prioritise running in your training timetable. You can ease back on the running in the New Year when the pool opens again.

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