Club Training Weekend day 2

Training Weekend Day 2

At least the weather has been consistent for the training weekends!!!!……consistently terrible!!!

Fair play to all those that braved the conditions for the duathlon this morning, if anything it got worse as the event went on……but dont worry after a few days you will get the feeling back into your fingers!!!

Again if you can race in these conditions there is no need to fear any event on the calendar as it wont get much more testing than it was this morning!! Hopefully though that is the end of the wintry wet stuff and the events coming up are done with some ease in the weather conditions!!!!

Name Run Cycle Run Total Time Duathlon Distance
Ciara Sherlock (Jnr) 00:12:33 00:27:15 00:15:07 00:54:55 (2km/10km/2km)
Kevin Sherlock 00:16:17 00:35:30 00:08:57 01:00:44 (4km/20km/2km)
Andrew McLoughlin 00:14:15 00:39:43 00:08:10 01:02:08 (4km/20km/2km)
Paul Scully 00:15:30 00:40:20 00:08:42 01:04:32 (4km/20km/2km)
Dave Sheehan 00:14:25 00:40:24 00:09:45 01:04:34 (4km/20km/2km)
Ronan O’Driscoll 00:15:28 00:41:44 00:08:19 01:05:31 (4km/20km/2km)
Eddie O’Meara 00:15:30 00:43:40 00:09:13 01:08:23 (4km/20km/2km)
Eoin O’Connor 00:17:38 00:46:21 00:10:31 01:14:30 (4km/20km/2km)
Daniel YonHin 00:19:31 00:46:37 00:12:21 01:18:29 (4km/20km/2km)
Patrick YonHin 00:18:47 00:48:21 00:11:25 01:18:33 (4km/20km/2km)
Odi O’Driscoll (Jnr) 00:19:32 00:48:17 00:12:54 01:20:43 (4km/20km/2km)
Carmel Finn 00:20:55 00:52:32 00:11:55 01:25:22 (4km/20km/2km)
John Moylan 00:22:45 00:50:25 00:12:37 01:25:47 (4km/20km/2km)
Deirdre Finn 00:17:23 00:55:52 00:18:49 01:32:04 (4km/20km/4km)


Duathlon – Day 2

Future Training Weekend events

That was the last of our “in-house” training weekends and we hope that everyone who attended the sessions gained some benefit. At committee level we would like to thank everyone that took the time to attend. Next up from a weekend perspective is the training weekend in Lahinch in May. We have a provisional booking of 15 for this so if anyone else is interested in the mean time then let us know!!!


Home practice Yoga

Donal Quirke who gave the Yoga session wanted to let members know that if anyone wants to do some home practice of yoga and yoga nidra/relaxation, they will find free stuff on his website¬†under the “Home Practice” link.¬†

“Like I was saying at the start, I think yoga nidra relaxation is worth exploration by athletes.”



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