Club Event Participation

Making yourself available to race or marshal club events is very important. Creating a successful event takes a lot of effort from everyone and shouldn’t just be taken for granted. These events are organised for ye, they target areas of your training that need to be improved – be that your 5km run time, TT skills, race pace rolling over, duathlon or triathlon simulation. Take advantage of the many club events that are coming up soon.

Racing: a lot of people shy away from the race pace efforts. However, these are the efforts that are going to really improve you. If you want to go fast, then you need to train fast. Get your body used to race pace efforts. We all get a little bit nervous on the start lines but you are going to get nervous in races too. Don’t let that put you off. So what if your team mates beat you, attending the race is still better than staying at home on the couch or going for another handy one.

Marshaling: you are a member of a club. That comes with rewards and responsibilities. If you find that you are the type of person that attends everything but helps out at nothing then that is not the type of club member the tri or cycling club want. You will stick out like, a sore thumb. Thankfully our club members are usually great for helping out so lets keep that up.

Club Events: as we dive deep into the racing season there are lots of club events coming up.

The big open races…….

These race are open to everyone in the country so it is important that we have a well run and well attended race.

  • North Tipp Sprint – focus is more on club members marshaling here. If taking part, try and get someone to marshal for you. We love seeing club members taking part as it gives the rest of us something to cheer on.
  • Lough Derg Sprint – again the focus is more on club  members marshaling here, but take part if you wish + do us the favour of getting someone else to marshal for you.
  • Nenagh Youth Races – all youth members can take part in this cycling event. Cycling members especially should offer to marshal. Our youth team coaches give up a huge amount of time all year, so making the effort to marshal for 1.5 hours on a Sunday is not a big deal.
  • Nenagh Summer LeagueSTARTS THIS EVENING AT 7:00pm!!! attendance at this event is the top priority. We need large numbers taking part to make it a success. We do however also need 3 – 4 marshals per evening to run this. We would hope that club members would marshal just 1 night over the next 4 months. Please don’t have us scraping around for marshals every week because it is embarrassing having to beg! Thanks to all those that have already offered. Kenneth is the man to talk to if you can marshal any evening.

Smaller club events……

  • 5km Run Series – we don’t need many marshals for this so everyone should focus on attending. We would like to see upwards of 35 at this run each Wednesday starting on Wed 13th April at 6:30pm at the Nenagh College. Remember – you don’t have to race it at all out maximum effort. Go slow if you want. The important thing is you turn up.
  • TT league – this is perfect training for triathlons and is starting next Tuesday. Triathletes need to get used to their tt bikes and need to be able to judge their race pace efforts. Last year this league was cancelled after two events due to poor attendance. That is ridiculous for a tri club so make sure it doesn’t happen again this year.
  • Dromineer Series – these triathlons are top class training opportunities and shouldn’t be missed. You get to practice every aspect of triathlon in a more relaxed environment. Use them to focus on specific areas e.g. I want to nail my transitions / I need to practice my sighting in the water and swim exit.
  • Club weekend away in Lahinch – the last time the club went down to Lahinch it proved to be a crazy weekend for all the right reasons. The training was good and it gave everyone a chance to socialise together (which we don’t do half enough of). Put your name down for it.

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