Club Notes

Bertie’s Circuit Training: this evening at 7:00pm. Build the strength needed to survive the racing season!

Racing: for the first time in a long time I don’t think there was any club member racing this weekend. Of course, now that I have said that you can be guaranteed I will have missed something!!

Fundraising for the Rás: there is a donation button further down this web page. Shane and Gary would appreciate it if you could leave a little something. The link wasn’t working earlier in the week but it should be fine now.

Nenagh CC Juniors: The next junior training day takes place next Saturday, Feb 1st at 2:30pm in the CBS. Cost = free. Spread the word and bring your friends. We will be taking orders for jerseys on this day for anyone that wants one (jersey will cost just €25! – it is not compulsory to buy one).

Club Events Meeting

The club have an ambitious events plan for the 2014 season. We want to see more people than ever swimming, cycling and running in town. To help us achieve this goal the club are putting together a series of new events which we hope will entice people to get up off the couch & get fit.

We need to get as many volunteers from the club involved as possible in the organisation of these events. If you are able and willing to help out then we would appreciate if you would volunteer for one of the organising committees for the new races listed below:

  • New Dromineer Open Water Triathlon: We have been toying around with this idea for a few years, but now think it’s time to act. There is a chance that the North Tipp. Sprint might be cancelled this year if the renovations work misses the deadline, so it makes sense to have a back up plan in place. In future we will run 2 triathlons (1 open water & 1 pool based).
    • Keith Butler and Shane Scully – are taking charge of organising this one.
  • Running Festival: every town in Ireland seems to be going through a large running boom at the moment. However, this hasn’t really happened in Nenagh yet. Organising an annual running festival in town can give people something to aim for. We hope to cater for 3 distances – 5km, 10km & 10 mile. March is looking the most likely date for this.
    • Gary Scully and Andy McLoughlin – are taking charge of organising this one.
  • Cycling Tour: to celebrate the formation of our new cycling club (Nenagh CC) we will be looking to put on a club tour in 2014 and hopefully a senior & junior race in 2015.
    • Kenneth Kennedy & Kevin Sherlock – are taking charge of this one.

The above events are just the new events we are planning. As always we will have our usual Dromineer Aquathon, Duathlon and Triathlon series. There will be a Time Trial series and a 5km running series. There is always the End of Year Swims and Cycles to look forward to too but you will have to survive the season first!

We will be holding an events meeting:

When? next Saturday Feb 1st at 4:00pm

Where? CBS hall

Why? to discuss the events further and to arrange the final organising committees.

Who? anyone that wants to help the club continue to grow should turn up. Volunteer for one committee and help out when you can. It would be great for some of the women in the club to get involved!!


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