Club Notes

Training today: there are two options for people today

  • Beginner run: 6:00pm from Tescos. This is done at a very easy pace. If you are a flyer then you are probably better off waiting for our friday evening run session. If you are new to running and to our club then give it a go! We would appreciate it if some of our more experienced runners could attend and help out.
  • UL swim: we are meeting at 6:15pm in the Abbeycourt Hotel car park and car pooling into Limerick for swimming at 7:00pm. We are not sure what to expect with this swim as we are unsure about numbers and how busy the UL pool will be at this time. We will judge its success after the first week and make adjustments if needs be.

To do list: These are the things our club members need to get sorted asap.

  • Register your name for Kilkee – click here (no payment necessary at this stage – only takes a few secs)
  • Join Cycling Ireland or Triathlon Ireland (you must be a member of one of these to train with us)
  • Order and pay for club cycling gear (contact Kevin about this)
  • Plan your racing calendar for 2014 – the triathlon and cycling calendars are both published.

Turbo Last Night: we had our biggest off-season attendance at our turbo training yesterday. Easy knowing the racing season is drawing near. 15 club members were made to sweat like pigs during what was a tough workout. We also got to see the fastest pitman in Nenagh at work. No need to guess whose wheel was punctured!

turbo1  photo

Junior Cycling: Dust off that bike because you are about to put it to good use once again. The second of our junior training days is coming up on Saturday, Jan 18th. Tell your friends. More details on this website next week.

Weekend Cycling:

  • Saturday: We are onto route 2 this Saturday. We are expecting another big crowd at this. This route worked well the last time we did it so expect another good workout. We are going to extend the finish of the last interval – it will now finish at Dolla. Start at 9:00am at the pool. If you are a beginner then try to make it to Moneygall and turn back for home. Each time you do this route you will go a little further and a little faster.
    • People are more than welcome to do the intervals with the racing group if you feel up to it. The only problem is that there is no waiting, so if you get dropped you are on your own. It can be good to test yourself now and then especially with the racing season fast approaching and it can be easy enough at times to hang on at the back.
  • Sunday: Lake cycle – calling all racing cyclists – if you are looking for a tough cycle to get ready for the racing season then come and join us this Sunday. We want to bring together 8 – 10 lads (doesn’t matter what club you are with) that aren’t scared to push it a little. We will be aiming to do 70 miles with 3 different interval sets and hope to average 20+ mph. Meet at Tescos at 9:00am. We will repeat this every couple of weeks.

Saturday Route:


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