Club Notes

Happy New Year: The club would like to wish all our past, present and future club members a happy new year!!

New Year’s Resolution:

  • Newcomers to the club: Complete a triathlon in 2014.

When trying to lose weight and get fit it is important to have a target in mind – something to keep you focused. Many people will purchase membership to the local gym for January and by February they will have given up their dream of getting fit and in shape.

The North Tipp. Sprint is a triathlon that takes place in Nenagh each year. This year it takes place on May 10th. Make this race your goal. You have over 4 months to get ready. Join up with our club and learn how to train properly. Joining a club is great for motivation. You won’t always feel like going out training but when there are other people there to share the pain with, it becomes easier. There are over 85 members in the club with a wide variety of abilities. Just turn up to one of our training sessions and do what you can. Ring or text Mary Donnellan 0863994584 if you want further information on joining the club.

  • Wily Tri Veterans: Target the National Series / National Champs / Regional Champs

The club performed reasonably well in the National competitions last year but we can do much better. We would love for our club members to target these events. Take a look at the > Triathlon Ireland calendar for 2014 and pick out the races you can do. Then simply apply yourself in training over the next few months and kick ass when the season begins.

  • Junior Cyclists: Target an underage road race

Our junior cycle training will be resuming once again in January (more details on the website soon). Our Saturday training cycles will hopefully get people fit enough to try out some of the underage races coming up in a few months time. The standard can be pretty high so try to attend as many of our training sessions as possible and also try to get your hands on a racing bike over the next few weeks. We will be organising a few training days with other clubs so that ye can see the standard that’s out there.

  • Senior Cyclists: Target an early season road race / Visit Nenagh Classic

The new Nenagh Cycling Club will be looking to perform well on the racing circuit this year. If you cycle with our team then why not plan to take part in a road race some time this year? The Visit Nenagh Classic takes place in early April and is a good race to target. That gives you over 3 months to get your cycling up to speed for this challenge. Make it a New Year’s resolution to not miss a Saturday training session. These are vital if you want to build up the speed needed for racing.

  • Runners: County Road Races

There are plenty of people in our club who just run. For you, try and target the County Road Racing season. This kicks off in February with the County Novice, which we will be hoping to win. Plenty of ye already did the tougher cross country version of the race; racing on the road is much easier. You also have the Novice B, Intermediate and Senior races to do. The club will be organising a 5km run series and some local races in the coming months – if you attend them and put in a good effort then your run times will improve greatly.

Training: Starts back this Saturday with our club cycle. This session is weather dependent. At the moment the forecast for Saturday isn’t the best. We will have more details later in the week. If in doubt about whether a training session is going ahead or not make sure to check out our Facebook page beforehand. We will always put an alert up there if plans have changed.

  • Bertie’s Circuit training will be back on Monday, Jan 6th in the running complex. There is no better way of working the Christmas excess out of your system than having a 100 year old man shouting obscenities at you! Start your 2014 training¬† with a purpose. Build the strength needed to race well in the summer.
  • Timetable changes: The Nenagh swimming pool is closed so the early morning swims and Wednesday evening session will not be going ahead. The club committee are putting their thinking caps on to figure out what we are going to do over the next while. We will probably organise one evening trip into Limerick each week and add another run to the timetable. The new timetable should be viewable by the end of this week.

Kilkee Registration: There is a new entry system for Kilkee this year. You need to pre-register on their website over the next month to gain entry. Take a look at > Limerick Triathlon’s website for more details. Kilkee is the venue for this year’s National Championships so make sure to enter early. It is also a National Series race.

Racing Action: Limerick Country Club 5 Mile: Gary Scully, Shane Scully and Andy McLoughlin were in run racing action on New Year’s Day. The race took place in Limerick over a hilly 5 mile course. The hilly route helped Shane beat his fatter brother Gary this time. Shane Finished in 3rd overall with Gary in 4th. Andy McLoughlin did well, finishing in 6th place.

Keeper Hill Trek: 5 club members took on a challenge of a different kind during the week. Starting at 6:30 on a cold and frosty morning, when more sensible people would be in bed, our 5 adventurers made their way over to Keeper Hill so as to walk to the summit before sunrise. They took some lovely photos from the top; unfortunately there are no gory photos of Margaret Hogan after she lost a leg to frostbite.



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