Club Notes

Make it a big weekend of training! Target these 3 club training sessions and reap the benefits of putting in some hard work.

  1. First up: is our Friday evening run at 6:15 in the CBS. This is a quality run session but if you are racing on Sunday then just come up and take it easy.
  2. Next: Saturday Morning Cycle – if there is one session that we really want to see ye all trying then this is the one. The weather forecast couldn’t be better – sunshine, no wind and mild temps.
  3. Finally: Birdhill Turkey Run on Sunday – racing is a great way of boosting your fitness. Most of us train to race. Little races like these get the body use to handling your race pace. There is a 5km, 10km and half marathon option available. We should have a big crowd from the club there. The race starts at 12:00 with registration on the day closing at 11:30.

How you can help our junior cycling initiative

The club is putting in a big effort to get our junior cycling team up and running. We want this to be a success, so we are asking all our club members to try to assist us in whatever way you can:

  • Coaching – if you can spare 1.5 hours on the odd Saturday afternoon to help with coaching then that would be great. The more people we have to call on the better. It’s not always about what the club can do for you –  it can be very rewarding to give back to the club. We especially want to get some female volunteers involved. Don’t worry, we will tell you exactly what to do on the day. If it is your first day helping out then you can partner up with one of our more experienced coaches. Let Kevin Sherlock know if you are available (086) 8602011.
  • Gear – as we all know this sport can be quite costly when starting out. All of us have cycling gear that we don’t use/wear anymore that could be donated to the club and given to our junior racers. Rummage through your gear and if you have anything that might be suitable then donate it to us!
  • Spread the word – this new club will be open to children of 10 years old and upwards. You might have kids yourself that might be interested or you might have nephews and nieces or even neighbours that might be interested. If you do, then let them know about this. We need strong first day numbers if the junior club is to survive and thrive.


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