Club Notes

Great weekend: it has been a great weekend for our club with the first group cycle of our new cycling club taking place and more importantly Darren Dunne has produced the goods and made it onto the Irish Junior Development Program! This is a serious achievement for Darren and everyone in the club that has helped him along the way.

Take some time to congratulate Darren on this fine achievement on our Facebook page.

Just 4 weeks to Christmas: We all know that we are going to pig out over Christmas; some more than others! That makes it all the more important for you to put in a couple of big weeks of training between now and then. If you head into the Christmas break feeling fit then you will enjoy it all the more. Start putting in the hard work this week:

  • Pool is closing for 3 months at Christmas so you need to make use of it while you can.
  • Don’t let the cold put you off training – get your ass out of bed for some early morning training sessions
  • Sign up for the Birdhill running race at the end of the week >> Click to view website
  • Join our new club cycle on Saturday (more details during the week)
  • Book a free one on one swimming lesson (free times advertised tomorrow)

World Triathlon Championships in Edmonton, Canada: Qualification races being held next year are now set for age group athletes wishing to qualify and race for Ireland at an ITU/ETU event in 2014. If you wish to qualify to race for Ireland at the World Triathlon Championships, Joey Hannan (sprint and standard) will be a qualification race.  Joey Hannan will be held in Limerick on 27th April.

Nenagh Cycling Club: We will be putting in an order for jerseys and shorts this week. We are just waiting for a final sign-off on the design. Our fashion queens – Kevin Sherlock and Goldilocks O’Driscoll are arguing over how many frills to put on it.

Race Results:

Talent ID Day: Darren Dunne made the trip to Athlone for Triathlon Ireland’s Talent ID day on Sunday. This program identifies the best youth and junior triathletes in the country and in order to make the team you need to produce international standard results. To even get a trial is tough, nevermind making the team. To make the team you have to be supremely focused and put in hours upon hours of training. Darren Dunne has ticked those boxes and more since he started in this sport and has done himself and the club proud by making the team.

In the trials, the juniors are tested in the water with a 200m time trial and on the track with a 1500m run. Darren swam 2.19 in the water and backed that up with a superb 4.12 run. This was enough for a points total of 161 which was enough to put him on the team (needed to score over 160). Darren had been sick all week so to produce a performance like this was great. It shows you that if you are determined and train hard then anything is possible. We hope to publish a few words from Darren himself soon and the club will be making its first ever high performance presentation to Darren when he arrives back down to Earth.

Novice B Cross County: In Eoin Sheehan’s words “When are they going to introduce a Novice D and it becomes easy?…It was the Eoiny show today with Eoin Woolley and myself lining out. The surface was solid and the lovely cow shit ridden course was waiting for the slow people who race Novice B (allegedly).

The race started as usual at 900 miles an hour with and it continued in this fashion for the whole race . It was 6.15km in total, with Eoin having a massive race – finishing 6th and me having my own private battle with another runner in which we raced shoulder to shoulder for the whole race resulting in a sprint finish over the line and both of us falling over after it and me finishing 15th and him 16th . My time was 24.28 av pace 3.59km. All in all great day running.

Eoin W – I don’t see saliva all over your face = not going hard enough!


Eoin S – what’s the body armour and Garmin for? this is cross country – only shorts, stringy vest and white legs required


Yawn – Darren collects another medal (National Series 16 – 19 age group)


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