Club Notes

Swimming: Strong turnout for swimming last night. We had our biggest crowd since our return with 23 in the pool. The club would like to thank Shay for his help with the beginner lane; it was a big help and should benefit our members over the coming weeks. Take a look at yesterday’s post if some of ye want to book a free 1 on 1 hour.

Countdown: just 2 more days to go before our combined cycle and the start of our new cycling club!!! The weather is looking good – sunshine all day but wrap up warm!

High Performance: The club is introducing a reward system for high performance. Basically, if you reach the elite level in triathlon, running, cycling or swimming with our club, then our club will look to reward you. As always, the club look to support our triathletes anyway we can. If you train hard with the club and perform well then expect a reward. Having our members represent Ireland at the top-level reflects well on our club and we get publicity out of it so we will reward your efforts.

For example, Darren Dunne will be attending the Triathlon Ireland Talent ID day in Athlone on Sunday. Darren will be attempting to make it onto Ireland’s Junior High Performance Squad. Darren has trained like a lunatic for the last few years to make it onto this team, so if he makes it, there is a new pair of cycling shoes in it for him! He requested a crown for his head, but his head is going to be so big if he makes it that we wouldn’t be able to find one big enough (unless Keith has one spare).

The club would like to wish Darren all the best this weekend!!! (no pressure)

Iron men/women and Keith: we need to get a group photo of us all together soon. We have already hired a helicopter for the aerial photo (only way of getting Keith into it). I am going to send around a text soon, so try to make yourself available.

Club Bullying: Some people think that the club bullying of Keith on this website is getting out of hand. Don’t worry he has a thick skin (medical condition).

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