Club Notes

One month down: Time flies when you are having fun. Most people are now entering their second month of off-season training. There are still some stragglers out there though waiting for November to arrive before starting back – that time has come! We have a full program of training as per usual. Check out our training timetable and find some training sessions that suit you. We hope to see more and more new and old faces this month.

Bertie’s Circuit Training: At this time of year it is very important to do some strength training. If you look at any training plan for top triathletes they all include some strength and conditioning work. If your time-table is lacking this then you need to fit it in.

As a way of thanking everyone for supporting this session over the last few weeks, months and years we are going to have free entry tonight (Monday, 7:00pm running complex). Just get your ass there!

 Ways strength training can benefit a triathlete:

  • Enhanced strength. As people age, your muscle mass decreases. Muscle mass can start decreasing when you’re in your 30s. If you’re an average-aged triathlete, you’re dealing with less muscle mass, and therefore less strength.
  • Muscular endurance and power. Stronger muscles give you more stamina. In a race that could be several hours long, your body needs to be able to go the distance.
  • Higher resistance to injury. Strong muscles actually strengthen your bones by increasing bone density. Another plus is that stronger muscles also protect your joints. In a sport where you’re using repetitive motion on your joints, you’ll want to protect them as much as you can so that you don’t injure yourself during training or a race.
  • Decreased fatigue. Improve your stamina by adding muscle. When you’re racing, the muscle fibers in your body break down, causing fatigue to kick in. The more muscle fibers you have, the longer it takes to break them down.
  • Improved efficiency. If you’re performing the mechanics of each discipline correctly, strength training can help make your movements more efficient. Move more efficiently, and you’ll move faster.

Racing: last week was a very quiet week on the racing front, with nothing to report. That doesn’t strictly mean nobody was racing. It just means that here in the club HQ nothing was reported. There are always one or two shhnakes out there shhnaking off to do a race under the cover of darkness. If you spot one of these shhnakes then let us know! We do like for our members to let us know if they are racing by sending a text, email or mentioning it on Facebook, so that we can give you a mention on the websites and in the Guardian. So…….if anyone was racing last week or will be racing in the future then let us know!!

Long distance swimming: There are a good few club members aiming for longer distance triathlons these days. Shane is starting a (un-official club training) long distance focused swim session on Monday evenings @ 8:15pm, starting this evening. The session will involve longer distance repeats with plenty of pull bouy and paddle work. Text Shane for details 0872605743.

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