Club Notes

Best of Luck: To all our club members that are taking part in this year’s Dublin City Marathon. We hope to get a full report for the website on Monday!

Turbo: started back last week. There was a good turn out for the first session but we are hoping to double the numbers over the next week or two and hopefully start a turbo session on a Thursday night too. The benefits of turbo are huge.

  • It is 100% guaranteed to be on every week – if there is a storm or blizzard outside then that doesn’t matter – turbo will still be on. This allows you to be consistent all the time with your training.
  • It is a quality session. The session itself might just last for an hour (some lads come in early and do 1.5 hours), but the intensity of that hour is as beneficial as any night time cycle. Commit to turbo for 6 months and you really will see the benefits next summer.
  • Cheap – the cost is free for everyone. Just turn up and cycle. There are no fees whatsoever.
  • You won’t get left behind. You just turn up and do what you can. You won’t get dropped and you won’t get a puncture during that downpour of rain.
  • If you are a newbie then there will be people there to help you set-up for the first time.
  • It is a great way to get to know the rest of the club as we all train side by side and people aren’t trying to half wheel you all the time.
  • This session is open to anyone from the Nenagh Triathlon Club or North Tipp Wheelers (no charge either).
  • Spare turbos are available for those that want to try it out for a while before making a purchase.

When is it on: Tuesdays at 7:30pm (but you need to arrive 10 mins early to set-up)

Where is it on: Running Complex (sideroom)

** the club had 4 spare turbos last year but we could only find two the last day. Could those who borrowed the turbos drop them back to us at some stage in the near future.

Run Racing: Gary and Shane Scully were in racing action recently in an 8k in Tuam, Co. Galway. Gary continues to show good form, winning this race in a time of 26:17 with Shane in 2nd place roughly one minute behind.

There are two cycling options in the club. We have our regular Saturday club spin but we also have a faster bunch that also focus on bike racing as well as triathlons each year.

Bike Racing Team: We are 3 weeks into our winter training and the group are improving steadily. Over the three main group training days we are seeing decent numbers but we could always do with more. If you are really looking to improve your cycling to the next level then stepping up to this group is a must. We don’t wait for people, we don’t stop to take photos and we don’t apologise for that. Saturday, saw us cover 79 miles at 19 mph and today we went around the lake for another 70 mile trip (this is the easier of the two cycles and is more suitable for those looking to try it out). Nobody says it’s going to be easy but as we like to say in the group – if Keith Butler can do it then anyone can do it.

Kevin Sherlock has been representing this group in cyclo cross action in recent weeks.


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