Club Notes

You’re on the home stretch!: 2 great runs took place yesterday evening. The speedies done 9K around town at a sped of 5 minutes a kilometer. The beginners done a reasonable 5k in a comfortable chatty pace of 6 minute kilometers. We would love to see more people next week. The pace will only be set by the ability of the group and groups can be split to suit the relevant abilities.

Swimming: It was great to see 3 lanes back in the pool last night and to see beginners listening attentively to Shanes instructions (he loves talking!). We are still at a great stage for people to start back as we are concentrating hard on drills.

End of week: If you didn’t go swimming this morning then enjoy your day off! Interval running is at 6:15 tomorrow evening at the CBS, the club cycle is at 9am meeting at the pool on Saturday and you can join the wheelers Sunday. The weekend weather isn’t too bad looking but bring a rain jacket just in case! The route for Saturday is: Nenagh – Toomevara (12mls) – Ballinamona Cross (15mls) – Dolla (19.5mls) – Silvermines (22mls) – Limerick Road (30mls) – Birdhill (38mls) – Ballina-Four Sisters – Nenagh (41mls)

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