Club Notes

Time for the last super!! This is your final boarding call!! Either way, you have one more day before the official restart so enjoy the take away with Love/Hate!!

Saturday Cycle: About a dozen cyclists were out again this Saturday and a steady pace was set on a dry and pleasant morning. The average speed of 27kph is suitable for all members and we are choosing routes without any big hills at the moment to ease new members in. If your are still considering coming out with us, do join us next Saturday while things are still on the steady side. 27kph in a group is the equivalent of about 22-23kph by yourself – the wind buffer of the people in front makes it feel like you are being pulled along (apart from the hills when everyone needs to slow down a bit and wind resistance isn’t an issue). The midway break on this 70k cycle was in Cloughjordan, the venue for our group photo.



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