Club Notes

Novice Cross Country

The county novice cross country is on this Sunday. Everyone who asked to be registered is registered and we hope to have both a womens and mens team taking part. The race takes place in Moyne, Co. Tipperary. The juvenile races take place before the senior races so you probably won’t need to be there until close to 2:00pm. The weather is looking decent for the weekend. Try and give each other lifts to the race if possible.

Saturday Club Cycle: (beginner friendly!)

It’s time to get back on your bike. The first club cycle starts this Saturday at 9am from the pool. This is a beginner friendly cycle. You might not be able for all of it but tag along for as long as you can and take one of the many turn-off points for home. The group will wait for you and give you good encouragement along the way. This Saturday is the best time to start as everyone is just coming back from a break so the going will be easy. Be persistent – keep coming to training every Saturday and it won’t be long before a 60 mile cycle seems easy peasy (technical bike term).

The route is: Nenagh – Toomevara (12 miles) – Moneygal (18 miles)  – Dunkerrin (28 miles) – Roscrea – Nenagh (38 miles)

Bike Racing Team

For those looking to cycle with the bike racing team for next year, we will be starting back this Saturday. Everyone is more than welcome to come and try out. We will be leaving shortly after 8:00am and there will be a short talk beforehand to lay out our plans for the next few months. We meet at the pool and hope to be out on the bike for 3 to 4 hours. The weather should be fine for this. The route we will be doing will have a few hills in it but we will never be too far from Nenagh so you can come along for a while and turn off for home if you want to. The pace will be slower than normal for this as it is the start of the year but some people will still struggle due to a lack fitness and training – it can be a big jump for those coming from the regular club training group – in this scenario we operate a ‘no waiting’ strategy. There are plenty of other cycling groups that go out on a Saturday that will wait up for you. We are looking to put together a small but well motivated racing team for next year.

text list: If you intend cycling with the bike racing team then send Shane 0872605743 a text so he can add you to the text list. He will take numbers tomorrow morning too but there are going to be plenty of people missing tomorrow so if you read this then send a text!

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