Club Notes

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Shane has been busy with actual real work (shock horror!!) and the other two dossers in charge of updating the website seem to be on strike.

Anyway, on with the news…..

Training: Will resume on Saturday, October 5th. As always on Saturday, we cycle.

Main Triathlon Cycle: Starts at 9:00am from the pool. This is a beginner friendly cycle with multiple ‘turn for home’ points = cycle as far as you feel you are able to and then turn for home early. As each week passes you will be able to cycle further and further with the group before turning off. Before you know it you will be finishing with the group each time! Try and make sure your bike is in good working order = wheels pumped, good tyres, brakes that work, lubricated chain/block etc. Get it services in Moynans bike shop if in doubt. Also, bring a spare tube with you in case of a puncture – don’t worry, there will be volunteers there to help you fix it.¬† Bring a helmet!

Bike racing group: We are going to be starting at 8:00am from the swimming pool. We hope to see a number of new faces looking to give this group a go. You might or might not be able to keep up but you will never know unless you give it a try. The average pace will be around 19 – 20mph and we hope to do 4 hours of cycling. Make sure your bike is in good working condition and bring plenty of food. This is the best time of year to join this group.

Cross Country Racing: There is just one week to go to the first race of the cross country season. This race is the county novice. The names have been entered so we are hoping for a decent turn out on the day. There will be training as usual next week on Monday at 6:15. The Thursday runs are going to stop now as we are very close to the race and club training starts again the following week; as always Thursdays will consist of cycling training.

Winter Training Timetable: We will be updating the timetable for the winter season during the week, so if you call back later you will find out! We don’t imagine there will be many changes to last year’s timetable. So be prepared to get back into the rhythm of daily training.

Blacksod Triathlon: The club had one representative at the last National Series race of the year. It was none other than John Ryan. John has probably raced more than anyone in the club this year and has greatly helped the men’s club team in the process. John finished 201st overall and has earned himself a nice relaxing break.

Charleville Half Marathon: 3 of the girls took part in this long distance event. Majella Myself finished in a time of 1:44:08, Geraldine Kyne was next home in a time of 1:59:03 and Gill Mounsey finished shortly after in 1:59:21.


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