Club Notes

Saturday 6th July Club Cycle: 

6 riders set off at 8:40 on an 80 km Saturday morning spin. There were clear skies, as liquids and sun block were loaded on, bar with Gillian, just liquid! We set off at a good pace to Dolla, where we stopped for 10 seconds to psych ourselves up for the hills ahead of us to Kilcommon.  Duncan and Paul set a steady controlled pace and the rest drafted in behind them, at least for the first 100 meters…! We refuelled (nature break) just after Rear Cross where Ramon became the first ever cyclist to get a puncture while stopped! The sun grew stronger as did our cycling and the pace picked up from Rear Cross to home. Gillian and Una’s jellys may need to be tested for EPO! We flew through Newport and headed to Birdhill at a decent speed, and from Birdhill home, hit speeds of 39 km per hour with an average speed of 27.5 km/h for the entire cycle.  A fantastic day equalled by the cycle.


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