Club Notes

Saturday Club cycle: 16 members headed off from the pool at 8.15 for our 8am SHARP departure (and Ken Hassett was not to blame for this delay but needless to say it was one of the men!!) Duncan and Charlie lead us out as we headed off towards Borrisokane at a nice and handy pace to warm up along the way. The weather was ideal, warm with no breeze. Once we got to Birr we lost 3 of the group as they had to return home due to time constraints. We gained one however as Dan joined in Birr and 14 headed on for Kinnity and onto the Wolf Trap which was on most people’s minds since we had left Nenagh!

After a nature and refuel stop at the bottom of the Wolf Trap we steadied ourselves and started working the climb to the top. Needless to say the group splintered going up the hill as everyone worked at their own pace which was hard in the hot conditions. Once we were all up and had regrouped we were very happy with our efforts, posed for some photos and headed back down the same route at rapid speed (the best part!). Another stop in Birr to refuel and rehydrate as it was very hot at this stage.


The speed picked up after Birr and we were back in Borrisokane in no time. The group chats had ceased at this stage and from Borrisokane to Nenagh, although the speed was maintained, the legs were tired and bodies hot (but tanning!) and Sean Gleeson’s mouth was juicing at the thoughts of the steak dinner that awaited him! It was a happy group once we got back into Nenagh led in again by Duncan and Charlie. The stats were that we had completed 75 miles at an average speed of 28.6k including the climb. Not a bad morning’s work for our club members.

Racing: John Ryan completed the Lough Ree Monster Triathlon in a time of 1:31:54, finishing 97th overall. Eoin Sheehan and Darren Dunne represented the club in Kilrush’s “Up the Creek” triathlon. Eoin placed very well in 37th position with a time of 1:16:35. Junior Darren Dunne had a great race (with the exception of a small fall at the start of the bike) and finished a very respectable second with a time of 1:03:56. Lets hope this success carries on for the rest of the season. Well done to all.


Wednesday training: There will be a lake swim at 6:30 this Wednesday evening.

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