Club Notes

Dromineer Race Series: The first race in Dromineer on Wednesday May 22nd will be an aquathon. With the water temps and air temps being a bit on the low side it makes sense to leave the first tri for a little while as you can experience a bad chill on the bike after a cold swim. A short and quick aquathon will get you warmed up quickly and it will provide a good test too.

Format: An aquathon consists of a swim followed by a run. The first of these aquathons is usually taken at a handy enough pace (so there is no excuse for not turning up – just use it as a training session), but you can go as fast or as slow as you want.

Start time: 7:00pm. This race will be handicapped but as it is very short there will not be much of a time difference between everyone. The first person will need to be getting in the water at 6:55 and will start at 7:00. Do not get into the water until fairly close to your start time as you will get cold. A quick, fast warm-up is all that’s needed.

Pier to pier option for beginners: For those that are new to open water swimming and are not confident in the water then we urge you to just swim pier to pier 7 times. You can stand up at all times doing this and you will still get the same distance in.

Preparation: To prepare for this event you really need to have gotten into the open water beforehand. Next Sunday we are going to change the open water swim location to Dromineer so that everyone can practice the route and build confidence for the day of the race.

What you need: courage (we realise that many in our club are scared of their own shadows, the only advice we can give you is to tell you to ‘toughen the f*** up!!’), a triathlon wetsuit, two swim caps or a skull cap, goggles, you can cover your feet too with swim socks if you want, lubrication to get you out of the wetsuit quickly, trisuit worn under the wetsuit, runners that are left in transition (buy lock laces for your runners), fake tan (Kevin Sherlock told me to add that one – he said it saved him two minutes at the Joey Hannon triathlon).

What you will get: feel good endorphins, the strength of a bear, warm-up cup of tea / coffee + biscuits.

Race Distance: 650m swim, 5km run.

Valentia Triathlon: The 3rd race of the National Series took place last Saturday down in Valentia. The club had two representatives at the race Ronan O’Driscoll and Ramon Rodriguez. This was the first open water race of the year but unfortunately the water temps were still too cold to let the swim proceed. The triathlon was therefore changed to a duathlon. Ronan was first home for the club finishing in 90th and Ramon finished in 377th. Well done to both lads for bringing more points home for the club in the National Series.

National Series: Already there have been 3 National Series events. Remember these events sell out well in advance. You need to get 5 races in if you want to have a chance of scoring for the team. Check out Triathlon Ireland to see a list of National Series race.

County Track: Killian Cullagh was competing at the recent county track and field championships. As usual he won plenty of medals. He won gold in the 1500m and silver in the 800m.

Open Water Swimming: Well done to the brave 12 or so people that got into Youghal on Sunday evening. There is no point in lying – it was freezing!! It better warm-up a bit more over the next week or two. Sun… where are you? (Majorca, seemingly!)

Jealous: While we continue to endure the wind, rain and cold, three of our club members are off sunning themselves on a training holiday in Majorca. Showing no consideration for their fellow club mates who have to train back here in miserable conditions, they keep posting happy photos online. This is serious bad form. Hopefully they will take our feelings into account and take down this offensive material.

Monday Track Running: there was another big turn out for our Monday evening track session. We did a long distance set consisting of 3000m x 2, plus various warm-up and drill activities. Thanks to everyone for making the effort to be there.

Bike Racing: Just two club members were in action this weekend. Kevin Moyles took part in the A3 Dunsany GP race near Dublin. Kevin was unlucky not to score after the breakaway group he was in was caught in the last 1km. Shane Scully was also racing in the Shay Elliot Memorial race in Bray. This is one of Ireland’s most prestigious one day events and attracts many of the countries top A1/A2 riders. Shane did well on this hilly course finishing 16th overall and 4th A2 despite a crash 100m from the line – read his race report.

Next up – Limerick Summer league on Tuesday, Roll over session on Thursday, Crotty Cup on Saturday – link to race details, Sunday TBC

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