Club Notes

It has been a busy week for the club; there has been plenty of news so let’s get straight to it….


  • there is no official Wednesday tri event this week. We are giving you the week off from serious competition so as to build up the hunger for the 1st official Dromineer Triathlon of 2015. This will take place on Wed, May 27th, so make sure you are ready for it! We might try to organise a club swim in the lake this Wednesday. Details will be on Facebook later in the week.
  • Track running on Mondays at 6:15pm in the CBS.
  • Lake swimming takes place in Youghal at 6:00pm every Sunday.

Nenagh CC Juniors: training takes place on Tuesday at 6:00pm and Thursday at 4:20pm.

Wetsuit for sale: Kenneth is selling a Zone 3 wetsuit (barely used). Will sell it for a cheap price. Get in contact with him.

Bike for sale: Phyllis O’Connor has a bike for sale. It’s a Ladies Giant Avail 2, size small in perfect condition. Has only been out a few times!! Purchased from velo bikes in 2013 for just under €1000. Asking €700 Ono. Phone 0876988147. Thanks.

Mizen to Malin Update: a group of 10 did a 165km hilly cycle today in preparation for M2M and I have to say that everyone was going great. Fair play to everyone for all the hard work you are putting in. Ye will have no problems getting through M2M. In the run up to this cycle there had been a little bit too much negativity going around with regards to the event. Just do your best in training and everything will be fine. Put all thoughts of doing it in 4 days out of your head. We are all doing it in 3 and we will all celebrate this feat on Sunday night in Malin!

This 3 day event will be miserable at times but you will get through it. Nobody said it was going to be easy. It will be shared misery though and we will all laugh about it afterwards. The worst thing that might happen is that you have to finish part of a day in an ambulance the van!! Some people might just take a little longer to finish each stage than others – that is no big deal. Get a headstart in the morning or take an extra break near the end. The pace will be leisurely and anyone that tries to drive it on will be asked to join the racing group behind. It’s pints we are after at the end of this cycle not CI points!!

The important thing about this is not to stress about it. It is supposed to be a fun challenge. We will put answers to all your possible questions on the website over the coming weeks. If you have any questions that need answered then get onto Majella, Shane or Kenneth. You have 2 months still to prepare so keep doing what you can. Try and fit in a few sportives if you can.


Weekend Racing:

Valentia Triathlon: 4 club members made the long trip down to Valentia for this National Series sprint triathlon event. This is a stunning triathlon but when it is windy it can be a very tough one. The 4 lads got the best of the scenery but were also battered by some strong winds. That made for a tough bike leg. Racing for the club were John Ryan, Barry Creamer, Eddie O’Meara and Ronan Walshe. Eoin Woolley was first home for the club finishing in 26th place in a time of 1:12. Next home was Eddie in 58th in a time of 1:17. Ronan finished in 84th place in a time of  1:22, with Barry finishing soon after in 96th in a time of 1:23. John Ryan finished in 154th in a time of 1:35. Great stuff out of the 5 lads. Hopefully we can get a report for the website soon!

Dromineer Series: there were 34 at our recent Dromineer Series event. We had lots of people doing various events. Some did a duathlon, some did a triathlon, others just ran, cycled or swam. The results from this race are below.Eoin O’Donoghue recorded the fastest triathlon time 1:02. Eoin Woolley set the fastest duathlon time 59 mins. Darren Dunne set a new cycling course record 27:36.

Thanks to everyone for turning up. It would be great if we could get more taking part in the actual event planned and bring back the old handicap time system so that we all finish close on the same time.

>> Dromineer Race Results

Crotty Cup: 8 Nenagh CC club members were in racing action in Kilmihil, Co. Clare on Saturday. We had a strong team at the race that were well capable of winning the 2 races on the day but it wasn’t to be.

A1/A2/A3: Shane, Kenneth, Kevin and Matty lined up for this handicapped race with the A3 bunch getting a 3 minute head start on the A1/A2s. There were 6 laps to do. Kenneth was very active in the first two laps as he tried to establish a breakaway from the A3 group. This was to no avail. Soon a 6 man break from the A1/A2 group caught the A3 group and this changed the dynamic on that bunch. The speed increased and soon another break established at the front of the race. Shane and the rest of the A1 / A2 group caught the A3 bunch on the 4th lap. With a break of 7 up ahead there was no hanging around in this bunch and Shane quickly got into a break of 5 and they pursued the bunch ahead. They ran out of road and had to be content to sprint for 7th place. Shane took 10th and the last prize on offer at the race. No points for this position though. Kenneth finished soon after in the bunch. Matty found the going tough today and is still just making his way back after a serious crash some weeks ago. Kevin is also recovering from a bout of drinking so fair play to him for making his racing return! It’s good to have ye back.

A4: Keith Butler, Brian O’Neill, Stephen Hegarty and Aidan Killeen all took part in this race. Each was well capable of scoring so hopes were high. The A4 race consisted of 4 laps and as per usual things stayed together right until the end. Did the lads have the right numbers for the weekly A4 sprint lotto? No is the short answer. The stiff headwind finish meant that the bunch was hedge to hedge and making a move was impossible. You finished the sprint where you started. Unfortunately for us, that was outside the top 8 for all 4 lads. This was Aidan’s first race, so fair play to him. He was out injured for 3 months at the start of the year and is only just now getting back to the form he was showing earlier in the year.

St. Finbar’s GP, Whitechurch: Derek Bowen was the sole club representative at this race in Co. Cork. Derek has been in good form of late and was looking for a good result here.

Here is Derek’s report……

“Arrived around 11.30, registered and got the bike together, quick spin to check everything was running smooth and off I went to the start, wasnt expecting much out of the race as it was a pretty hilly course… 6 x 11k loop with a leg zapping drag at end of each loop (think Nenagh cc summer league finish but longer).

I looked around for any other Nenagh CC lads but unfortunately I was on my own today. It was also a small enough field with only around 60 racing. After a rolling start the race started on a downhill stretch at a hectic pace, I tucked in well and started pushing hard, average speed for first few km’s was 45kph+ but this was all a downhill section, once we got through the downhill the pace settled as we started into a pretty severe headwind. Few km’s into this wind then around 4kms uphill to the finish of lap 1, still sitting at the front of the bunch after the first hill but it did hurt the legs- only 5 more laps to go!

I was trying to come up with a race plan now as I knew I was not going to be able to contest the uphill sprint finish. I couldnt breakaway on the downhill, and it was going to be extremely difficult to breakaway on the flat as the only flat part had a stiff headwind, and I could forget about breaking away going uphill!!!

Lap 2 went ok, a few people jettisoned out the back but I was feeling good on most of the lap except the last climb which was zapping my legs. At the end of lap 3 there was a prime (intermediate sprint) for first 6 across the line, stupidly I contested this and killed my legs (crossed line in around 8th).

3 laps to go and my legs were now in bits. I was still holding on with the bunch but I decided to just sit in on this lap and recover but still the climb at the end of the lap was taking its toll.

Lap 5 and I decided I needed to try a break and hope someone came with me so I accelerated coming off the downhill section into the flat with headwind – I got around 75m up the road but on looking back I was on my own and the group were closing so I sat up, end of lap 5 again zapped the legs, 1 lap to go what to do??

1 or 2 people had broke away on this lap so the next person to break I would try go with them, on the flat I saw a Limerick CC lad shoot up on the outside, he got around 25m away and was still going so I accelerated to catch him. I caught up with him and looked behind and we had around 50m, we worked hard for a few minutes but it was just too difficult into the headwind. We looked behind and the group were almost on us again so we sat up.

With around 6k to go there was a few people breaking away but the peleton were mowing them down, there was 1 lad up the road and it looked like he was not going to get caught, into the last 4k climb now and the pace was picking up, there wasnt much left now in the peleton as the climb had taken its toll, with around 200m to go people started winding up for the finish, I tried to go but unfortunately the legs were empty, I pushed as hard as I could but around 15 riders were going away from me and they were going to contest the points.

I rolled across the line around top 20 but I was completely spent and legs were in bits.. I think I will look for a flat race next time!!! average pace was 37.5kph”

Upcoming Cycling event: from Limerick CC

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