Club Notes

It was another productive week for the club. People are getting fitter, bellies are getting smaller and the tans are getting browner! There were plenty of races again this weekend with another club member gaining a promotion – congrats Emmet! We also had our first open water swim / paddle about. The open water tri season is just about to begin!

***Dromineer Duathlon*** takes place on Wednesday at 6:45pm. We really need your support at this. Remember, if events don’t get support then they will be dropped from the calendar. If you want to keep the Wednesday tri events then get out and support them. You don’t need to be a triathlete to take part – do the 5km run or do the 20km time trial = both are still great training!!


Training updates: we have the usual mix of swimming, cycling and running for you to enjoy.

Running: Monday – Paul won’t be there tomorrow but he has told us the set to do – 8 McGrath corners with 90 second rest in between. Sounds like fun!

Swimming: Tuesday and Thursday morning + a lake swim on Sunday

Cycling: Tuesday – Limerick summer league or cycle at 6:15 from Moynans. Thursday – Nenagh Summer League. Saturday and Sunday – long mileage.

cycling-logoNenagh CC Juniors: 3 training sessions this week. Tuesday at 6:00 (Hotel). Thursday at 4:20 (CBS). Saturday at 2:30 (CBS). New members welcome as always.

>> Nenagh Youth Racing Event – check out our new event – we want all our juniors to target this race.

Club Gear: the 2nd order of club gear is due to be delivered very soon (sometime this week). We will announce it on the website when the package lands. Try to call and collect asap. This will probably be the last order of the year, so if you missed out you will have to wait till we start back again in October.

Mizen to Malin: D-Day is creeping up on us slowly but surely. It is now time to panic!!! If you haven’t already done so, quit your job and get out on your bike each day. Cycling is your new job, so put in a good shift this week. Seriously though, keep getting those miles in. It will make it all the easier to get through the 3 day race cycle. Lowering your prospective misery scale down from 10/10 to 9.5/10 will make all the difference!!


Lough Derg Sprint: lots of club members were asking about the possibility of taking part in this local event. The club are letting any club members that want to race enter. It makes for a better spectacle having lots of club members to cheer on, so sign up today (before we change our minds!!). It would be great if you could line up a marshal to take your place.

Weekend Racing

Only our cyclists were in racing action this weekend. There were two races on.

Newcastle West

Juniors: Report from Ronan O’Driscoll: Newcastlewest was the destination today for our juniors. Once again we were greeted by our old nemesis Wind & Rain, but our lads keep turning up with guts and determination albeit with a shortage of luck.

In the U12’s we had Ryan Haskett sporting a shiny new bike. A touch of stomach cramp nearly saw him miss the start but a quick sprint from the car and he was off and running. Today was not his day though as the cramping ruined his chances but I expect to see him back stronger and out on the road lots over the summer on that new bike.
In the U14 race we had the familiar faces of Daniel & Odhran. They battled hard as usual in difficult conditions and after a strong first lap faded a bit on the second lap as the older guys pulled away. .
The U16 race saw the return of Christopher to action as well as the always enthusiastic Denis. Dennis raced well but got separated from the main bunch, he and another rider worked hard to get back on but conditions were against them. Christopher had a coming together with another rider on the first lap that saw him end up on the other side of the road, lucky he managed to stay upright but he lost touch with the bunch and took a knock on the knee.
As I said we have not had much luck lately but if you keep up the training and get out as much as you can on the bike the rewards will come. Only six weeks now to the First Nenagh CC Junior Race, we need lots of hard effort between now and then. If you can’t make training you need to get out a do a bit yourself. Cycling up & down past your house for half an hourĀ is much better than doing nothing at all.
Seniors: Emmet Murphy and Keith Butler went fishing for points at this race. Each had. very different fortunes.
In the A3 race: Emmet only needed 1 more point to secure his promotion up to the A2 ranks. This was a hilly-ish course but that didn’t phase Emmet. He positioned himself very well throughout and was right up there as the finish line approached. With a breakaway of 2 already finished, the bunch were battling for 3rd. Emmet showed his sprinting talent once again as he came home 3rd in the bunch sprint and 5th overall. This result puts him over the top. He has earned promotion to A2 so well done from everyone in the club!!
In the A4 race: Hungry Hippo Keith Butler was eager to gobble up some points. The A4 bunch was smaller than normal and Keith found the going very easy. Confidence was high; then disaster struck. Keith got a puncture (always a high probability with Keith and the weight on the tyres – they can only hold so much) and that was the end of his race. He was gutted but sure what can you do?! Just keep at it and the results will come.

The big senior race was up in Bray, Co. Wicklow >> Shay Elliot

This is one of Ireland’s classic races, so that means it is going to be tough, hilly and long. 5 club members made the trip and we had a pretty successful afternoon.

In the A1/A2 race, Shane lined up on the start line. The weather was good but windy, but that head wind at the start managed to cool the jets of the strong lads, so it took a while to get going. Half way through, the race was brought to a halt as the peloton came upon a funeral. This delayed the race by 15 minutes or so. A breakaway of 15 or so went up the road, never to be seen again. For the rest in the bunch, it came down to who could carry themselves up the Shay Elliot climb the quickest. Being a small little fart, Shane did well here and got himself in a break at the front. The last 20km were very quick and Shane managed to finish in 15th in the end. He was mistakenly awarded the 1st place A2 prize after, but had to inform the race organiser that he had just got promoted a few days earlier and had not received his A1 numbers yet. Still, it was a good performance.

In the A3 event, Kenneth Kennedy, Eoin Woolley, Matty Kennedy and Mike Browne took part. They were up against a lot of the top Irish juniors at this one. Again the course was tough for this with the same Shay Elliot climb to ascend near the end. Kenneth Kennedy had one of his best performances of the season as he broke from the bunch and rode across to a breakaway of 4 by himself. He saved enough energy to get over the climb in 2nd place. On the descent his break was joined by some juniors and the numbers swelled to 15 or so. Hard riding to the finish line saw a number of cyclists dumped out the back. Kenneth was still there at the finish and recorded a fine top 10 result. We are not sure yet if he got in the points. Mike Browne came in next. He helped disrupt the chase bunch as much as he could and finished comfortably in that bunch at the end. Matty Kennedy made his racing return after his crash. Its great to see him back in the saddle. The aim today was to just get around safely,which he duly did. Eoin Woolley had no luck on the day. He was with the lads in the bunch for most of the race until a puncture stopped him in his tracks.

Quick note on racing: we are still just half way through the cycling season. 3 months down / 3 months to go. It is far too early to be giving up. Why train so hard in the winter to give up so early in the summer (you have lasted just 10 summer days!)? Regroup, get the head right, and get back on the bike. Your club needs you. There are plenty of points still up for grabs and as we all know – things get a lot easier at the back end of the season – sure they are practically giving points away!!!

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