Club Notes

Another week of ‘training’ down…and what an awful wet and windy week we experienced. It also seems as if last Saturday’s club cycle zapped the energy out of almost everyone. However, so far we have been blessed with perfect conditions for the club’s Summer League (hoping I haven’t just jinxed it). The weather for the week ahead is looking a bit calmer and drier, so no excuses for not getting out. So here is the club’s training schedule for the week ahead….plus loads more.


Swim – Tuesday morning swim session will be at a slightly later time of 6.55 am. Thursday morning swim session will be at usual time of 6.40 am. Tuesday morning sessions focus on distance, while Thursday is interval speed sessions.

Cycle – Tuesday evening, club members have been welcomed on the North Tipp Wheelers cycle, which leaves from outside Moynan’s bike shop at 6.15pm. Cycling Ireland licence holders can put in an extra race/training session by joining the Limerick League who leave Gooig at 7pm, and cover the same route as Nenagh Summer League. Saying that, don’t forget Nenagh Summer League on Thursday evening, usual time and place. Just a quick note, if you usually drive out to Birdhill and park your car here, we would like to advise you to place all valuable items in boot of car. Keep all valuables safe by keeping out of view.

Run – a group meet in Tesco car park every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm to cover any distance from a 5km to 12km run. Paces vary, and all are welcome to join the group.

Nenagh CC Juniors

» Tuesday – 6pm at the hotel with Kevin and Ronan.

» Thursday – 4.20pm after school, from CBS.

Weekend Racing:

With the girls doing so well and stealing all the cycling headlines so far this year, it was the turn of the boys to win back some of the spotlight. The big cycling event this weekend was the Kanturk 3 Day and Nenagh CC sent a strong 3 man team senior team and 4 boy junior team down to Cork in search of results.

Kanturk 3 Day

U/14: Odhran and Daniel took part in this race. This was a huge step up in class and distance for the boys. The awful weather on both days also didn’t help; however that didn’t stop the boys from showing huge grit and determination. They both battled through to finish the 3 stages, when it would have been far easier to call it quits after day 1. Days and events like this will stand to you. Winning cycling races doesn’t happen straight away – it takes huge commitment, and luckily for the club we couldn’t find two more committed lads. It is only a matter of time before results start going their way.

U/16: Calvin and Denis both took part in this event. With racing distances of 37 hilly miles to contend with, the lads were always going to find this very tough. Again, this was a big step up for the lads but they will benefit from it. Every race after this will seem like a piece of cake. Denis performed well here, with a good TT and a strong finish on day 2. Calvin found it tough but he is taking on lads that are nearly 2 years older than him. He never gave in though and finished strongly on day 2.

Great stuff out of our juniors. Hopefully we can get a more detailed report for the website late this week.

daniel2 odie



Senior race: Kenneth Kennedy, Shane Scully and Emmet Murphy made up a strong Nenagh CC team for this 3 day / 4 stage event. This race was the first of their ‘A’ races this year, so all 3 of the lads were looking to do well. Taking a bit of a rest week beforehand was the most stressful part of the event. The bodies certainly didn’t feel great heading down to Kanturk, but often time that can be the exact time you pull a surprise result out of the bag. The awful weather conditions certainly didn’t help Shane and Kenneth’s moods; Emmet was delighted though!

Stage 1: this was a frustrating stage for Kenneth and Shane as they badly misjudged the state of the race and eventually missed out on a 12 man breakaway on the 2nd of 3 laps. Emmet was doing well and was in an early breakaway that lasted to half way before just missing the final breakaway too. The 3 lads were left to chase in the much depleted bunch behind. On the final lap Shane broke from the main bunch and managed to gain 20 seconds or so by the stage end. All n all it was a disappointing first day; all 3 finished high on GC but having lost 3 minutes to a group of 12 the chances of overall victory were gone.

Stage 2: was a short 8km TT. This was where this race was won and lost. None of the lads would be regarded as a strong time trialist, so it was a case of damage limitation for this one. In the end there was only 7 seconds separating the 3 of them and each finished in the top 30.

Stage 3: was a flat 80km race. Emmet was looking to do well in this one. He has a great sprint so there was always a chance of picking up a result. For Shane and Kenneth it was a case of taking it easy in the bunch and saving the legs for the next day. The race was over a 5 lap route. A 2 man breakaway got up the road and lasted to the line. That left the bunch to sprint for 3rd. Luckily for the club Emmet was well positioned coming into the home straight. He battled hard to the line and came home in 3rd in the bunch and 5th overall. This is a great result for the club in a big race on the racing calendar. Fair play to Emmet! That also leaves him just 1 point short of promotion to the A2 category. Nice one!

Stage 4: was a hilly 100km route. The weather was due to clear up but once again the dark clouds came and they were all drenched. After just a few miles everyone was saturated. After a disappointing showing so far in the event, Shane was determined to change things today. He waited for all the early breaks and chase downs to take place then slipped away with two others at the half way mark. His bunch quickly built a lead of over a minute. On the final lap, they were joined by two others. The five of them pressed on and with a 1 minute gap still intact with just a few miles to go, their group started to attack each other, with one junior getting away for a solo victory. This stalling allowed the main bunch to gain. On the final climb to the finish Shane managed to take 2nd place on the stage, ahead of the fast finishing bunch.

This is another great result for Nenagh CC and shows that we are well able to compete with the best out there. The points that come with this result put Shane up into the A1 category. Kenneth and Emmet both finished in the main bunch and helped the team finish well up in the team competition. This was also Kenneth’s highest finish (top 30 overall) in a stage race so he had plenty to be happy about. It just goes to show you that hard work pays off.

Now it’s up to the girls to strike back at the next event!


Great Limerick Run: there was a good number representing our club at the Great Limerick Run on Sunday. We had runners taking part in the 10km, Half Marathon and Marathon distance. Even though the weather was damp, to say the least, it did not stop our runners from taking part and putting in their best effort. In the 10km race were Rachel Clancy, Eoin O’Connor, Paula O’Dwyer, Barry Creamer, John Meagher and Mary Donnellan. Half Marathon, Ger Kirby, Sinead Lee and Una O’Doherty. And finally in the marathon, but didn’t come in last, Will Rymer & Carmel Finn. Well done guys, ye did brilliant!!

Great Limerick Run 2015 Race Report – Will Rymer

My Marathon preparation has been derailed of late with 4-5 weeks of very little running due to a persistent hip problem (and too much cycling), so whilst my original hope was a sub-4 marathon I had to reign that in prior to the start and confided in my wife that to get home in 4:30 wouldn’t be a total disaster, and if anyone from the club asked me I could just change the subject…

Mile 1: Okay, everything feels okay. Those 4 hour pacers aren’t really going that fast, and there’s no sign of the 4:30 guys.

Mile 2: Heading down O’Connell Avenue, crowd is growing and legs are feeling strong and the 4 hour pace is pretty easy.

Mile 3: Heading out of the city now on the canal path, the water bottles here were a bit wrapped up in polythene, with nobody really handing them out.  Never mind, I’m feeling good and well hydrated.

Mile 4: Rhebogue now, just passed St. Pats GAA ground.  It is a little humid today with the heat and the wet ground, getting thirsty.  Probably should have stopped for water.

Mile 5: Came across Carmel from the Wednesday night running group, brief chat.  She seemed in great form and aiming for a similar time.  Oh now it is raining quite a bit, saturated.

Mile 6:  Now on the UL campus, another haphazard water stop with little water being handed out, no problem. I can’t need water with all this rain.

Mile 7: Just crossed the living bridge. Do they call it that because it moves a lot when people run on it? The Shannon was looking pretty swollen underneath, glad I made it across anyway.  Still raining heavily.

Mile 8: Pace is still good, better than last year in Dublin so far, and I’m still stuck into the 4 hour guys.  Lost sight of Carmel, but marathons will often see people dropping off then surging back, I’m sure she’s going well.

Mile 9: Water stop out at Castletroy technological park – I NEED WATER. Sorry if I ran across anyone’s path at this stage but I was under pressure.

Mile 10: Plassey Park road heading back to the city.  Water on board feeling strong again. Pretty sure the 4 hour pacers are getting quicker…

Mile 11: Passing Lidl.  Guy in front of me just had a small accident, maybe the gels he’s using don’t agree with him.

Mile 12: Quarry Hill, making good time, feeling strong but a small bit of discomfort on the right knee, probably running in the gutter too much – moved to the middle of the road.

Mile 13.1: Colbert Station.  Under my desired time for the halfway point, happy with that but slightly concerned about the final few miles.  Am I going too fast?

Mile 14: No sign of the rain anymore the clouds are gone and the sun is out! Woohoo! Ran past Sean Gleeson at the Army Barracks showing his support in his very well pressed army fatigues.

Mile 15: Sun is drying out my clothes nicely as we head out of the city past Old Crescent RFC.  Girl keeps surging past me then stopping in front of me, literally like 10 times.  Put in my fastest 1 km split of the day to leave her behind me, that’ll show her.

Mile 16: So hot, the 4 hour guys have let me down, they are definitely speeding up.

Mile 17: This is weird; we just did a lap of an industrial estate must be to make sure of the distances, needless to say there were no crowds here.  Noticed that my splits have become a little slower.

Mile 18: My knee is killing me, hip is now starting to become a little sore.  I actually hate running, this would have been a lovely day out if I had just done the half marathon.

Mile 20: Back into the city down O’Connell Avenue, woman with strange running gait distracts me from the pain in my knee, and I walked a bit.  That fast km earlier is really paying off now…

Mile 21: Really starting to slow down now, crossed the Shannon out towards the west side of the city.

Mile 22: Walked most of this mile if I’m honest, and really starting to seize up.  Try to keep moving.

Mile 23: Scores of really fast half-marathoners are going past me now, starting to trot a little more and walk a little less.

Mile 24: North Circular road.  Mostly seems downhill now which is nice.  I can finally let go of the dream of a 4 hour or 4:10 finish.  In reality that idea was gone over an hour ago.

Mile 25: Back to the river front, and I can smell the finish.  Carmel is back (obviously paced herself a lot better than me) and her running comrade Mary (also of Wednesday night fame) who joined her from mile 20 is helping her out.  I am keeping a safe distance though as they are running well and I still feel the need to wince a little when the right leg goes down.

Mile 26: I’m back!! Crossing the bridge back to the City centre and the legs are working hard again.

Mile 26.2 Great! Finished! 4:26 one minute slower than my last marathon, but given my pre-race problems and my general stupidity with the pacing I’m pretty happy to have kept those 4:30 guys at arms length. Medal, banana, water, home.

Hope that gave an insight into the mind and body of a beginner runner at a marathon.

Weekend club cycles

What can be said, Saturday was wet – 6 turned up. Sunday was wet, again – 5 took on lake cycle. And Monday, the long distance cycle in preparation for the Mizen to Malin challenge saw 14 turn up. The morning started off warm-ish and dry, and there was a definite sense there could be an ice-cream stop somewhere on route. However as the day went on, it turned out more like a ‘soup and roll’ cycle. Will this rain ever blow over!! It is one element, we have no control over. Saying that, it was a great feeling to have covered in excess of 160km. From Nenagh to Roscrea the pace was nifty with a tail wind, however while passing through Moneygall it was noted that the flags were flying upright from East to West (well, our right to left) which indicated there would be a strong head wind to Thurles at least. And so there was, plus further. Thanks has to be given to Cathal here, who took control of us mad group and suggested a 30 seconds go up front which aided us all. We did our bit, and took a deserving breather until up front again. We had two stops, first in Thurles and next in Newport. We succeeded in keeping the group together for the entire cycle. I think everyone felt more confident after today’s cycle in relation to Mizen to Malin challenge. If the pace is right, we will all complete the 450 mls…..comfortably.

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