Club Notes

Bit late with the club notes but I am sure you have all your plans made at this stage anyway!

Saturday Spin: we are heading for Dolla, Rearcross, Newport, Daly’s Cross – option to turn for home or turn for Killaloe. Kenneth, Shane and a few more of the racing lads should be back this week as they are not racing till Sunday. The group will split in two early to give the hillophobics a chance to get up Dolla hill at a more relaxed pace. One group heads straight to Dolla, the other goes to Toom first. Strong winds tomorrow but they will blow us home soon after Newport.

Junior Cycling: at 2:30pm in the CBS. Hope to see a good crowd there!

Sunday Race: all eyes turn to Rás Luimní in Caherconlish, Limerick on Sunday where we will have a large turnout. We will be represented in each of the three races with the A4 race being the most likely one to featture a club member in the points. We would love to see the strong start of the year continue for the club. The weather should be decent so commit to it now.

saturday spin route

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