Club Notes

Well that’s the first week out of the way at least. It wasn’t easy but at least it’s done! Onwards and upwards.

Training: we have the usual week of activities planned

  • Monday – circuit training at 7:00pm in the running complex.
  • Tuesday – 2 sessions – swim at 6:40am & turbo at 7:30pm in the running complex.
  • Wednesday – 2 sessions – beginner run at 6:30pm from Tescos & Pool swim at 8:00pm.
  • Thursday – 2 sessions – swim at 6:40am & club run at 6:30pm from the CBS.

Club Gear: We are expecting delivery of the gear in the 2nd week of February.

Nenagh CC Juniors: turbo training + a bit of core work is on Tuesday at 6:00pm. There is no junior cycle this weekend (it takes place every two weeks), but our older juniors should try to get out on the senior cycle at 9:00am on Saturday. The racing season will be starting soon so if you plan on racing then you need to start putting in the hard work.

Nenagh CC Seniors: things are starting to heat up! Over the next few weeks as the racing cyclists build towards the start of the racing season the pace in the back group will be increasing a little. The likelihood of there being fast wind-ups to the finish will also increase. It can be easy to get disillusioned at these training sessions if you get dropped, but try not to get too disheartened. Just keep plugging away and cycle smartly in the group. We all have bad days.

Pace of the main bunch – there are typically two bunches for the interval sessions on the road. The speed of the main (first) bunch is supposed to be a lot slower than the racing bunch. If you find the pace of the main bunch way too slow then you shouldn’t be in it. You are the problem, not the others in the bunch. You should be in the back bunch. If you find yourself in the first bunch and it is going far too slow for you – it doesn’t matter – you must slow down to match the speed of others and not drive it on as fast as you canĀ  (you can always just drop out of that bunch and join up with the racing cyclists behind you). We don’t want our main bunch split to pieces. Next weekend, the main bunch will be controlled a lot more.

Insurance: make sure you either take out Cycling Ireland or Triathlon Ireland insurance if you plan on training with the club. Pay a visit to their websites and purchase the relevant insurance online.

Upcoming events: 2nd round of the Winter Warrior’s Cup takes place on Sat, Jan 24th. 30 mile, flat route, 4 groups with handicaps.

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