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For all those New Year Resolution Makers

20_NewYearResolutionLooking for a new challenge? At this time of year the club get plenty of enquiries from potential new members. A new year has come and people look for a new challenge. Each enquirer asks the same questions – Would I be able for it? Would I be too slow? etc. The best advice we can give you is to just give the club a go for a few weeks and see how it works out for you. You might struggle a bit at the start but you will improve gradually. It is important to be realistic – improvement takes time, so you need to take a long term look at your progress. Everyone in our club started off with a poor level of fitness but through commitment and hard work we have all improved greatly. If you are a beginner then target the training sessions in green below. Just turn up and introduce yourself.

2015 training has begun

After a tough weekend of cycling, we are back into the full swing of things with plenty of official club training sessions for you to enjoy next week. There is no better way to get rid of the post-Christmas blues than to sweat it out of you! Ease your way back into it this week. Take a look at the training sessions on offer early this week and target a few.


  • Bertie’s Circuit Training at 7:00pm in the running complex.


  • Early morning swim: at 6:40am in the pool.
  • Turbo training in the running complex at 7:30am


  • Beginners run at 6:30pm from Tescos
  • Beginner friendly swim at 8:00pm in the pool.

Nenagh-CC-logoNenagh CC Juniors: welcome back to all our juniors after the Christmas break. We hope ye are all rested up and raring to go for 2015. We expect to see lost of new bike equipment on show on the roads. If you got a new bike for Christmas then make sure to get plenty of practice on it before turning up to our group sessions. You need to be confident on the bike and know how to pull the brakes and clip out on time!! We have two training sessions for ye to enjoy this week:

  • Tuesday: Turbo at 6:00pm in the running complex. The emphasis for this will turn more towards sprinting over the next few weeks. It’s gonna be brutal!
  • Saturday: Group cycle for all at 2:30pm starting at the CBS.

Nenagh CC Senior Racing: time to show commitment to the team –  if you intend on racing this year then you need to start getting out on the bike and showing more dedication to the team. It is much harder to come up with original excuses all the time for missing club training than it is just to turn up. The amount of  warm summer time stories we heard concerning the big winter mileage plans and even bigger 2015 racing plans is funny. Some people talk the talk and some people walk the walk. The racing season starts in 6 weeks time. We know some people are on different training plans but there eventually comes a point where you need to come together as a team. Over the next few weeks, as we build towards the first race of the season, we hope to see this.

3 week target: we will be having another club race, probably on Sat Jan 24th. This race will let you know exactly where you are with your training and what needs to be done. Put in a solid 3 weeks of training with the club till then and see how you get on. Don’t just spend the next 3 weeks trying to think of an excuse for missing the race!!

Racing Results: we know there have been plenty of club members in run racing action over the last few weeks. We apologise for not giving ye a mention on the website over the Christmas period. From next week on we will start back with the race reporting, so if you attend a race somewhere then let the club know – even better – send us on some photos and a race report.

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