Club Notes

We hope ye are all enjoying the Christmas break. The club would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year. If 2015 brings the same amount of success as the club experienced in 2014 then it is set to be a great year.

New Years Resolutions: There are going to be a lot of sore heads, bloated bodies and damaged livers after we return from the holidays. ‘I am never drinking again’ will be the new club motto (and I for one believe them!). People will be in a very delicate state, both physically and mentally; one misplaced word and you could have everyone in floods of tears. That’s why the club have decided against its usual New Year tactic of shaming and bullying its members. We don’t need harsh words to get our members back on the right track.

Keith Butler doesn’t need to hear about his V shape torso turning into a U shaped one – he can see it every time he looks in the mirror, so keep quiet on that one. John Gleeson doesn’t need to be shamed  for his new found love of taking short cuts. Donkey Dunne doesn’t need to hear about his fear of frosty, windy, wet, dry, calm, warm weather training, he knows that already. Hitler and Goebbels don’t need to be told that the power has gone to their heads; I mean, ordering people about in the bunch the way they do – who do they think they are?! Monsters, is all I can say (but don’t say that to them or they will cry). Kevin Sherlock doesn’t need to be told that the Christmas drinking actually suits him, natural born Santa Claus. Derek Bowen doesn’t want people discussing his December/Christmas kidnapping and the forced eating / drinking torture he endured. Our new Ironmen don’t need you to explain to them how they actually seem like they have an iron deficiency and a Cadbury’s Roses sufficiency. The Stallion doesn’t need everyone slagging him off about getting beaten by the up and coming junior – Paul (living off past glories for the last 20 years) Scully at the Borrisoleigh 10km. Con Kennedy doesn’t need to be told that missing training to attend Nathan Carter gigs at Christmas (or anytime) is not going to get him a top finish in next year’s Kanturk 3 Day. Will Rymer doesn’t need to be reminded that Santa didn’t put a box of hard work and dedication into Will’s Christmas stocking. Our cycling ladies and juniors don’t need to hear that we were actually taking it handy before Christmas and now the cycling fun is about to begin.

Let the club be a positive & welcoming place for all its members. Be supportive in 2015.

 Welcome back!!

Official Club Training Resumes: on Saturday, Jan 3rd.

The going will be pretty easy for the first week and will get progressively tougher as the month goes on. Therefore, it is important to start back with everyone else on Day 1. Try and get back into the rhythm of training as quickly as possible. Before you know it, the racing season in cycling, duathlon and triathlons will have begun. We need to build towards the start of the season – training intensities will increase so be prepared for that. Most of us have put in a very good winter training base and are ready to kick on to the next level. Be proud of what you have achieved so far and be positive about the training that is to come.

Saturday Cycle: We want to see everyone out in force for this – men, women, juniors, Ironmen and Ronan O’Driscoll. The cycle will kick off at 9:00am from outside the pool. The 8:00am start for racing members is weather dependent – but should be going ahead.

Route: this is a pretty flat one, but its a bit longer than usual. There are plenty of turn around points for those that easing themselves back into training. We might schedule a once off coffee stop on the Saturday spin if people are feeling it in the legs. There will be the usual rolling over groups, at the usual places.

Cycling – getting back up to speed: the club are looking to get groups out cycling everyday this week in preparation for the return of official club training on Saturday. We already had a great cycle today around the lake with 13 Christmas survivors in tow. Try and get out for a few of these over the next few days and you will be ready for the real thing this weekend.

Next up: tomorrow –  Wednesday: we are meeting in Tescos at 9:00am. The temperature is supposed to be pretty mild but there might be some rain. The length of time we stay out will depend on the weather, but we do hope to do between 3 and 4 hours or so with a coffee stop, heading in a Limerick-ish direction.  We will call the exact route tomorrow when we what the weather is like.

We will also be out on Thursday & Friday at 9:00 from Tescos. Target 2 out of 3 at least.

Club Membership: roughly 80% of our club members have paid up their membership fees for the year. We would like to thank everyone for making the effort to pay up. For the other stragglers, Maeve Ryan is changing tactic and going with the tough love approach. Herself and Martin will be calling around to your house soon. Martin was overheard commenting ‘We have ways of making you pay’.

Maeve Ryan will be at Bertie’s Circuit training class which starts back next Monday, Jan 5th at 7:00pm in the running complex

Insurance: To train with our club (either Nenagh Tri or Nenagh CC) you need to have either a Triathlon Ireland license or Cycling Ireland license for insurance purposes. Last year, people were great to sign up. We can see everyone’s name on the system back here in Club HQ (top floor of Nenagh Castle); so far there are a lot of people still to renew their licenses for the upcoming 2015 season. Try and sort this asap.

Cycling Ireland membership: as of tomorrow, many of our Nenagh CC members (especially our junior members) will be without a cycling license for 2015. You need to login to the Cycling Ireland website and pay your dues! For more info on membership >> click here

Triathlon Ireland membership: the same goes for ye lot! Get signed up today. For more information >> click here


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