Club Notes

We are mid way through November and we can already see fitness levels rising quickly. As each month passes by the training gets a little bit tougher. Miss a few weeks and you will notice how everyone seems to have improved a huge amount while you go backwards. Tip: don’t get sick!!

Onto week 8 and we have another full week of training to keep you occupied.

First up: Monday

  • Early morning swim at 6:55am to 7:45am in the pool.
  • Bertie’s Circuit Training class. Try and push it a little harder this week.

Then on Tuesday we have early morning swimming at 6:40am and turbo at 7:30pm in the complex.

Beginner Swimmers: the beginner swim will be on again this Wednesday at 8:00pm. You are not going to benefit much from this if you don’t get in and practice once or twice extra during the week. Truly commit to working on your stroke and you will get it eventually. When you go to the pool by yourself – stay in there for an hour, do the drills, practice your lengths and push yourself. Doing the usual couple of lengths and heading for the sauna ‘exhausted’ after 10 minutes is not enough. Keep checking out the info on this page to help you improve –

Nenagh-CC-logoNenagh CC Juniors: two training sessions next week

  • Tuesday Turbo: we ran out of turbos last week and are expecting even more juniors at this so it looks like it could be hard to book one. If some of ye are definitely going to be committing to this for the next 5 months then consider buying the cheapest one down in Moynans. Start at 6:00pm in the running complex.
  • Saturday Cycle: at 2:30pm from the CBS. We have multiple ability based groups at this session so it is suitable for all juniors. Just find a group that suits your cycling ability and stay with them.

Club Gear: get in contact with Kenneth Kennedy – 0872028964. An upfront payment is needed for all gear orders. Talk to Kenneth about it.

Club Membership: get in contact with Maeve Ryan – 0879602234

Club Christmas Night Out + Winter Warriors Cup: we want to try to nail down a suitable date for our final event of the year. It will either be Saturday the 6th, 13th or 20th of December. We will go with what suits the majority.

Christmas Night Out: this is one of the few occasions where the club give you a free pass on missing the Sunday morning cycle. As per usual there will be plenty of prizes given out on the night to celebrate the achievements of our triathletes/cyclists throughout the year. It really is the only proper club night out of the year so try not to miss it.

trophyWinter Warriors Cup: this is the big one – the one, everyone wants to win – but there can be only one! This will take place on the morning of the Christmas Night Out and should be something to laugh about that night. The race will be on one of our traditional Saturday morning spin routes. When we get to a suitable spot around the half way mark we will divide into teams. The teams will be as follows:

  1. Juniors
  2. Women’s team
  3. Non racing cyclists + triathletes
  4. A3 + A4 cyclists
  5. A1 + A2 cyclists
  6. the ‘I’m not doing that, it’s stupid’ crowd

There will be a suitable handicap between each group on the road. As you know, it’s all just a bit of a laugh – so don’t be worrying about it. This is probably the one trophy you don’t want to get your hands on!


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