Club Notes

Try and get fit for Christmas! You have 6 weeks left before you start over indulging in food and beer. That is just enough time to sort out your swimming, or improve your cycling so you can stay comfortably with the bunch, or run the half marathon distance at the Birdhill Turkey Run! There is also the Winter Warriors cycle race, Christmas Day Run and Club Christmas Night Out to look forward to; as well as more training sessions than you can shake a stick at!

Big Numbers: it is great to see the club in such a healthy state and it is all down to our club members. In total there were 215 in attendance at our various training sessions throughout the week. Thanks to everyone for turning up. The club would be nothing without your support – so keep it up!! We even had the return of the one and only Donkey Dunne in the pool during the week!

Club Gear: order is going in on Friday. You have been warned enough times at this stage. This requires a little forward planning – think – what gear will I need for next year? If I plan on racing for the club then I need………..

Kenneth Kennedy: 087-2028964 – your contact for club gear.

Club Membership: so far about 75% of the club have paid up for the year so thanks for that. If you haven’t paid yet then track down Maeve Ryan – she will be at circuit training tomorrow.

  • New members – we encourage new members to come and try out our training sessions. Spend a week training with the club and see if you like it. After a week, we ask that people make the decision to join / pay up or not.
  • Non club members – our club is a very tight, close knit unit. We like to focus on developing our own members. Those that have made a committment to joining our club and wearing our jerseys/tri gear are the ones we want to see and help at our training sessions. If you want to train with us for the year then we require you to commit to our team. Then we will give you all the support we can.

Monday training: remember we have an early morning swim at 6:55am for those that want to get the week off to a good start. Follow that up with Bertie’s Circuit Training at 7:00pm in the running complex.

Swimming: I hope our beginner swimmers are practicing the drills for next Wednesday?!

Nenagh-CC-logoNenagh CC Juniors: we had 25 juniors in total at our Tuesday and Saturday training sessions. It is great to see everyone coming out to train in large numbers. For those of you who have just returned to training this week – you might find it tough for a while as the others have been on their bikes for 5 weeks at this stage so the fitness levels are quite high. You will find it tough for the first few times you come out cycling but it will get easier – you just need to keep hanging in there!!

Training – only one junior training session this week and that is on Tuesday = Turbo at 6:00pm in the running complex. AS there is only one session this week, that makes it all the more important that you don’t miss it. Our older juniors should also try to get out with the senior cyclists next Saturday at 9:00am from the pool.

Nenagh CC Juniors – follow our Facebook page for regular updates –

Buying a new bike: before harassing your parents into buying you a new bike make sure that cycling is the sport for you. Bikes can be expensive so it is not fair to be pestering your parents into spending money on something you give up after a few weeks.

Plenty of happy faces in this photo – fast forward 2 hours later and add in multiple knock victims and you can imagine the faces!


Nenagh CC Seniors – it was another productive weekend for the club with big numbers out on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday Cycle: Bad decision! that was all that was going through the racing lads heads when they returned from their 8:00am pre-cycle warm-up. Looking at the rainfall radar on we could all see that the big rain cloud was going to clear just before 9:00am, with nice dry weather for the rest of the day. Did the racing lads cop on and delay their start? NO. In a show of stupidity strength the racing lads turned up in big numbers in the pouring rain. After an hour of warming up, it was clear that no warming up at all had been achieved. Violent shivering was on display from the drowned rats.

The rest of the club turned up happy as Larry at 9:00am. Damn their happiness! I could have killed one of them for their gloves. Once everyone knew the route, we made our way through town and out towards Birdhill. The cold weather was preventing the early cyclists from warming up and the lad who is always the first to give the friendly advice ‘I think you should stop your crying and toughen up a little!’ was the first to start crying, and turn for home, defeated by a little bit of cold. Shane Scully, hang your head in shame!

The group pushed onwards towards Birdhill and then split in two for interval work over to O’Brien’s Bridge. This was a shortish interval so the back bunch never had a chance to catch up. In these instances the back bunch need to keep rolling over until they make contact with the first bunch. That meant the rolling over continued; nobody minded too much as it was one way of warming up!

There were a number of punctures on the day but as is the norm now, that doesn’t slow down the cycle for the main bunch. For those that punctured out, you live to fight another day. A puncture in the racing group resulted in a group decision to stop – this means there will be quite a chase back to the main bunch. In this instance the racing group never made contact again with the front bunch. There are plenty of strong cyclists in that front bunch so once you give them a head start it is hard to get it back.

Everyone finished the cycle safe and sound but a little tired. The route was the longest of the 6 we normally use so well done to everyone for getting through. Next week we will be back on route 1 so you will be able to see how much progress you have made.

Sunday Cycle: was around the lake once again. It always proves to be a tough enough test as it has a bit of everything – distance, hills, intervals and the obligatory winter puncture and chase back on. Those that are doubling up on Saturday and Sunday cycles are now really starting to see the benefits. We will be doing the lake once again next week. However, the following week we will be looking to go head towards the Slieve Blooms; so put that date with The Cut and the Wolftrapp in your diary.

Weekend Racing: all quiet on the racing front. Nobody stirred, not even a mouse. Plenty of rats out shhnakey training though!!!!!

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