Club Notes

Swimming: Beginner swim this evening at 8:00pm.

Also, remember that there is swimming on Thursday morning starting at 6:40am and swimming on Friday starting at 6:55am. You should try and aim for at least 3 swims per week. Getting up early in the morning might be a pain in the neck at first but you soon get used to it.

Etape cycle: this is a cycle event that takes place in France every year. It takes you along the toughest stage of that years Tour de France and next year will take place in the Alps. Mike Browne was looking to see if there was any club interest in going to it? Places go on sale tomorrow morning. If there was enough interest in going we could organise something together as a group. It takes place next July. Get in contact with Shane or Mike soon if interested.

Club Gear: there is not much time left before the order goes in for club gear. We will not be chasing people up about this, so if you want something make sure to order off Kenneth Kennedy 087-2028964. We will be ordering hats, gloves, arm warmers as well as jerseys, shorts and jackets. This is likely to be the only order we put in for the next 6 months so think ahead – if you don’t order now you probably won’t have a jersey for the start of the cycle racing season.

Saturday Cycle: Our 6th and final route takes us over to Co. Clare. This cycle is slightly longer than the others but there are plenty of ‘go home early’ points to choose from – Birdhill and O’Brien’s Bridge are most suitable. As usual there will be two interval sessions. The first will be from Birdhill to O’Briens Bridge (map is wrong – head to Dalys Cross first), with the racing group heading up the ramp in Birdhill and then setting off after the first group. The 2nd interval will be a longer one – from Bodyke to Killaloe – this will need to be a controlled effort from everyone. The distance of the cycle will be challenging enough so there is no need to go crazy with the speed. When we repeat this route in 6 weeks time the speed will be increased, so wait till then.

Don’t forget there is also a club Sunday cycle around the lake at 8:00am from Tescos!


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