Club Notes

Pool swimming: it is great to be back in our local pool, even if it is a little too warm at the moment. Our three training sessions were well attended this week. The Wednesday session is the only one that is suitable for beginner swimmers. We are teaching the basics of the front crawl at the moment so if you want to learn how to swim properly then make sure to get down to this session (8:00pm every Wednesday). Between now and Christmas we hope to have the basics covered. If you delay starting with the club till the New Year then you will only have yourself to blame if you come to us looking for help. Now is the time to start working on your swimming as it takes a long time to master.

Pool Car Park Warning: The manager of the pool has asked me to warn all our members not to park in the Leisure Centre on Saturday mornings when we go on our club cycle. Park in the Abbey Court Hotel instead.

Best of luck: to all our club members racing in the Dublin City Marathon on Bank Holiday Monday. We are hoping for some good results!! No pressure.

Sunday Cycle: we will be cycling the lake once again this Sunday starting at 8:00am. We all know the drill by now so things should go a little smoother this time. Everyone should know what they are capable and whe they need to be smart on the bike. We don’t want heroes right now. This session is open to all club members but it is not beginner friendly.

Saturday Cycles

Junior Cycle: at 2:30pm starting in the CBS.

Senior Cycle: the next club spin will see us return to the Rearcross – Newport – Birdhill route. This is the first Saturday cycle with a proper hill in it. We will climb Dolla hill early enough in the cycle, but don’t worry the racing group will be taking a longer route over to Dolla! We will all then meet up somewhere on the road to Newport (no need to stop to wait at the top). Beginners should try and make it to Dolla with us and if feeling adventurous try and climb some of the hill. Start time = 9:00am SHARP or 8:00am for the racing cyclists. We should have a lovely strong breeze blowing us home from Birdhill!

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