Club Notes

Thursday training: run session in the CBS at 6:15pm. This is our only run session of the week so be there. It is a quality session and will really help your run speed if you commit to it for the long term.

Pool Re-opening: it’s official – the pool will be opening next Monday. Therefore, club swimming will resume with a VERY easy swim on Tuesday morning. We will have to start off slowly and build up our speed and endurance in the water again after a long time out of the water. So now is the perfect time to start back with us as the going will be easy. For beginner swimmers, the Wednesday evening swim at 8:00pm is the session to target.

Rás na mBan: an exploratory meeting to see whether it would be possible for the club to target Ireland’s premier bike race will take place this Friday at 7:00pm in the Abbey Court Hotel. Any girls in our club that would be interested in getting involved should try to be there.

Saturday Cycle: our 3rd Saturday cycle will take us over to Roscrea, Birr and Borrisokane this weekend. Fitness levels in the group should be getting a little better at this stage. We hope everyone is trying to get out on their bikes during the week. If you want to do better on the Saturday spins then you must try to get on your bike during the week – target either turbo, Busters spinning classes or buy some lights for your bike and go night cycling. Cycling once a week on Saturdays only is not enough.

Few points about the cycle:

  • older juniors are allowed to join us for this one. The full distance might be a little much for some so pick a shorter target.
  • anyone that wants to get in a little extra – turn up at the pool at 8:00am
  • the main group is not to stop at any stage before Birr. If there is a puncture then the racing lads will go back. The main bunch continues on and will start the first interval session with or without the race group. If the groups haven’t regrouped at Birr, then pull in for a quick food stop at the bicycle shop. After Birr, the main bunch will not stop again until it reaches Nenagh.
  • punctures – make sure your wheels are in good condition and are pumped adequately. If you puncture, let the bunch know quickly. The racing cyclists will stop to fix it. Everyone will then chase back to the main bunch. If you are struggling badly with the chase and it soon becomes clear that the bunch will be much too far ahead, then you will need to consider turning for home and letting the race lads chase back by themselves. Missing one Saturday cycle won’t kill you so just put it down to bad luck and come out again the following week. If you puncture with only a few miles left during the roll over session then you are likely going to be on your own unless some kind club members offer to pull in too. Make sure you have a spare tube, levers, pump and mobile with you on every club cycle. With such a large group on the road the likelihood of getting punctures is very much increased; we can’t be stopping a large bunch every time to wait for these punctures to be fixed. We hope ye understand.
  • rolling over – the intensity of this at the moment is easy. That is the same for both groups. The 1st roll over is from Roscrea to Birr and the second is from Borrisokane back to Nenagh. Typically the 2nd roll over session is a little tougher as people are becoming more tired. We don’t want people over exerting themselves at this time of year, so make sure to place yourself in the appropriate group and don’t roll over if you are too tired. We have done this route a few times so it should be a smoothly run cycle.



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