Club Notes

End of Year Cycle: takes place this Saturday at 8:00am from the pool. Try and join us if you can. You don’t have to cycle the full distance – just do what you can and the head for home.

Club Training: there will be another training cycle this Thursday at 6:30pm from the pool. The final official club cycle of the season will take place on Saturday with the End of Year Cycle. The Saturday cycle will then be finished until we start back again in early October. The Sunday lake swims will continue until the End of Year Swim which takes place on Sept 6th. After that all club training will be finished for the season.

Racing Results:

  • Nenagh CC A3 Nationals Blarney: Kenneth Kennedy and Con Kennedy made the trip to Cork for the biggest race of the A3 season. The course was a tough hilly one and it proved to be a hard race. Con wasn’t able to hold on for the full length. Kenneth was cycling well and made it into two breaks but his chain fell off around the midway mark and this brought him to a stand still and the bunch were gone. It wasn’t to be their day.
  • Groomsport Half Ironman: Martin Farrell made his half Ironman debut up in Groomsport in Northern Ireland last weekend. The conditions on the day were awful and the course had to be changed because of it = a shortened swim and bike course. The challenge was still a tough one in those conditions. Martin finished in 118th in a time of 5:16.

  • Transplant and Dialysis championships 2014 Krakow: Congrats to Sheila Gregan for her performance in Krakow. Sheila won a bronze medal in the 5km. She also performed well in both the pool events and cycling but was just outside the medals.

  • Ironman Kalmar, Sweden: I am sure in the coming days there will be plenty of individual reports sent into Club HQ for ye all to read, so for now I am just going to put up a general report. Shane already has a report on his self inflicted disaster of a race on his blog.

It was a 4:00am rise for the 8 Nenagh Triathlon Club members in Kalmar. This was the moment they had all been waiting for and some were looking forward to it a lot more than others. Keith Butler and Andy McLoughlin were close to full on panic and I think we even had a few tears out of Majella that morning. It’s not an easy thing to face into, so you can excuse people for feeling a little bit nervous. Although, on the positive side, the weather conditions were good that morning with a light breeze and clear skies and that made the whole daunting task seem a little bit easier.



Everyone made their way down to transition for 6:00am. One last check of the bikes and pumping of the tyres and we all made our way down to the swim start. We were there early and had plenty of time to get ready. Multiple toilet visits were made. Bags were dropped off. Prayers were said and we took our place in the starting queue. It was a staggered dry land start so Shane, Keith, Andy, Sinnéad and Ger placed themselves up near the top with Anthony, Seán and Majella in the middle.

A blast from a cannon signalled the start of the pro race. Five minutes later, all the age groupers were entering the water.  The water was pretty calm and that made swimming easier. There were a lot of twists and turns on the swim course though and the official distance was slightly long at 3.9km. Even still, our lads all put in good swim splits. Shane was first out for the club after 55mins; then it was Keith 1:02, Sinnéad 1:05, Ger 1:06, Andy 1:07, Anthony 1:19, Seán 1:24, and Majella 1:25.

Transition times varied wildly in the group, with some flying through and others taking all friggin day! It all depended on what your strategy was – some were looking to race the event has hard as possible and some were looking just to get through it and be as comfortable on the bike as possible – so a change of clothes was necessary for some, others went to the toilet, and some stopped for a chat. The transition splits were Shane 2:23, Ger 3:25, Sinnéad 4:02, Andy 4:51, Keith 5:20, Anthony 5:53, Majella 10:13, and Seán 12:45.

The bike leg proved damaging for some with Shane puncturing out of the race at the 60km mark while cycling just outside the top 20 at the time. Seán Gleeson also punctured but wisely brought a spare tube and pump with him and after a 10 – 15 min delay he was back on the road again. Others were having a great day on the bike. Both Andy and Sinnéad were going well. By the end of the cycle Sinnéad had recorded the 4th fastest female bike split of the day including the pros! Other were taking a more conservative approach making doubly sure they had enough energy left over the long run ahead.  The final bike splits were Andy 5:18, Ger 5:26, Keith 5:29, Sinnéad 5:30, Anthony 6:02, Seán 6:25 and Majella 6:43.

There were plenty of tired bodies getting back to transition. The weather had turned a little nastier while out on the bike with the wind picking up and a few dark clouds rolling in. Thunder cracked and the rain poured down for a while. Many of the lads used T2 as a toilet break but in general the T2 times were quicker than T1 – Sinnéad 4:10, Ger 5:19, Keith 5:35, Andy 6:01, Anthony 6:30, Seán 9:52 and Majella 14:44.

The run took the competitors through the centre of the city 3 times so it was easy for spectators to track progress. It was obvious at this stage that some were struggling more than others. Keith and Ger seemed to be running well; while for Majella and Andy it was a different story. Majella was struggling to keep food down so was lacking the energy needed for a strong marathon. Andy struggled for a while in the middle of the race but got going again when Ger caught him and gave him the encouragement he needed to keep going to the end. The final run times were Keith 3:36, Ger 3:41, Andy 3:50, Seán 4:22, Sinnéad 4:23, Anthony 4:30 and Majella 5:20.

The delight on each of our club member’s faces crossing the line was clear to see. Months of hard training and sacrifices made this possible and each of them were going to savour the moment where they crossed the finish line and became Ironmen. The final times were very impressive. Most of the lads were taking part in an Ironman for the first time so they can be well happy with their times. We have a new club male and female record now with Keith Butler and Sinnéad Oakes becoming the new king and queen of the club.

The final times were:

  • Keith – 10:18
  • Ger – 10:22
  • Andy – 10:26
  • Sinnéad – 11:08
  • Anthony – 12:05
  • Seán – 12:35
  • Majella – 13:53

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